Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A message from Bangalore, India

Captain Carl, one of Beautify CNMI's original volunteers (can we call him a forefather?), recently traveled to Bangalore for medical treatment. He issued a challenge to all of us right before he left: He challenged us to plant a tree every time we go off island and to leave behind a sign saying that it was a gift from Beautify CNMI.

I received this email this morning:
Greetings from Bangalore. The spirit of Beautify CNMI Volunteerism has been successfully carried "across borders". Let's make "across borders" a part of Beautify CNMI. Why is the tree in a pot? There is a story. More later.


Cap Carl
Captain Carl's message came attached with this picture:

Captain CarlLookin' good, Cap! The plumeria looks good, too. Hurry home!


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