Sunday, March 04, 2007

NMDOA and JSTA Cleanup of Obyan Beach

NMDOAMVAJSTAAt least 100 volunteers from Japan Saipan Travel Association, Northern Mariana Diving Operators Association, Marianas Visitors Authority, Mariana Islands Nature Alliance, ISA CNMI, Hopwood Junior High School, and Saipan International School woke up early for a cleanup of Obyan Beach on Saturday.

Obyan CleanupObyan CleanupPerry TenorioThere were so many people at the cleanup that we had to take two group photos (let's see you try to corral over 100 people into a single shot).

JSTA membersHopwood StudentsPhew, that's a lot of pictures! Here are a few more:

Hopwood Junior High School StudentsGreen Sea Turtle Education SignCoconut PalmsBeach Cleanup PhotoSaipan International School StudentsSpeak 日本語? Visit ISA CNMI and for more.

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