Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Port Operators & Users Committee Cleanup

POUC Cleanup CrewPOUC Cleanup CrewThe Port Operators & Users Committee has adopted the W-2 Highway from Bank of Hawaii to Shell Puerto Rico & Industrial Dr. as part of the Beautify CNMI! Adopt-a-Spot program. They had their first cleanup on February 23, 2007.

POUC CNMISaipan POUCPOUC SaipanPOUC cleaning upPOUC is just the lastest group in the CNMI to be infected with the Beauty Virus. On this, their inaugural cleanup, they removed 1200 lbs of trash! Great job, POUC! Here is what there street looked like when they finished their cleanup:

Thank you, POUC! If you would like to join POUC next time, their next event is scheduled for Saturday, March 17.

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