Monday, April 02, 2007

Rep. Manny Tenorio & Tenorio Family Adopt Tun Doi Road

Rep. Manny Tenorio, his staff Eddie Tenorio, and other family members adopted Tun Joaquin "Doi" Tenorio Road from the As Lito intersection on down to the Chalan Kanoa entrance. Welcome and Congratulations!Joining this group are Rep. Cinta Kaipat and her staff and Kaipat and Cabrera Families; the ever-reliable and hardworking Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI) volunteers, led by Ms. Marites Castillo, their president; Mrs. Bree Reynolds, ace science teacher for Hopwood and NMC; and Steve Hiney of Steve Hiney Consultants and his daughter Katie (who just arrived on island. Thanks for joining us, Katie!). I especially enjoyed meeting BJ Tenorio, a young leader, who was my partner in sweeping up and clearing the gutters. I look forward to seeing this young man on many more Beautify CNMI! activities!

On this cleanup, we managed to bushcut, sweep the gutters, clean out the dirt clogging the drainages, shovel the dirt that had piled up, and picked up trash. Kyle, of Rep. Kaipat's Office, made three trips to the transfer station to unload the pick-up loads of trash.

Thanks to Rep. Tenorio for supplying the snacks and drinks and to Beautify CNMI! for donating the trash bags and gloves (courtesy of donation by MVA!). A great job was done by everyone!

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