Saturday, April 07, 2007


Dear Saipan Tribune Editor:

Please allow me to correct a misquote in the Maharlika section of the Saipan Tribune printed on Saturday, April 07, 2007. Marites Castillo, President of Friends of the Marianas Islands (FMI), was quoted as saying, “all Saipan residents of Philippine descent, regardless of citizenship, are welcome to join FMI.”

That is not correct. ALL Saipan residents of ANY descent, nationality, or ethnicity are welcome to join. This colorblind approach to our membership is what sets FMI apart from many of the other community groups on our island. In addition to Filipinos, we already count Americans, Chamorros, Carolinians, and Japanese as members. Don’t believe me? Then I invite you to come out with us on one of our Saturday or Sunday morning volunteer events. For our schedule of events, please visit

The only requirements are that you have a love for these islands and a desire to help Beautify CNMI make these islands a better place to live and visit.

Angelo Villagomez
FMI Member

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