Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pala Potu Group Plantings At Tun Kioshi Road

Okay, I bet many of you have travelled to and fro the airport on Tun Kioshi Road and may have noticed the beautiful new plants planted by Pala Potu Group a couple weeks ago, right? When we did the inaugural cleanup with this Group two months ago, we picked up trash and they did some bushcutting, tree trimming, and painting of the drainages and curbs. Everyone noticed that, all of a sudden, the spruced up Road had drainages that sported a fresh coat of yellow paint. The following day, the curbs were painted also.

You may have noticed Pala Potu's latest beautification efforts -- the plantings of some trees along their adopted road. Despite the recent thefts reported in the newspaper (shame on whomever was responsible for this!), Bernard Cabrera, the awesome leader of this Group, told me that they remain committed to replanting and continuing their care of their adopted road. That's the Beautify CNMI! spirit!! Thank you. Si Yu'us Ma'ase yan Olomwaay for your excellent work, Pala Potu Group!

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