Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spreading The Beauty Virus Infection Worldwide

Well, the idea was proposed to me by Captain Carl right before his trip to India. The idea is simply this: Why don't we challenge our Beautify CNMI! beautifyers to spread the "beauty virus" infection around the world by planting a tree or organizing some volunteer beautification event in every new country visited? Pictures would be taken and sent to Beautify CNMI Saipan for posting. Well, I simply loved the idea. So, during his trip to India, Captain Carl succeeded in getting this plumeria planted in the international wing of this hospital he visited. Thank you, Cap!This is Molly Kramis. Molly lives in Bellingham, Washington. She, too, is doing her part to spread the "beauty virus infection" in Washington! Thank you, Molly!!! ARF! ARF!

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Tina Di Mauro said...

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