Saturday, April 14, 2007

Suicide Cliff -- Another Success Story

Suicide Cliff in April 2007, looking peaceful and beautiful.Rep. Cinta Kaipat and Angelo Villagomez checking out the Suicide Cliff tourist site in April 2007.Congratulations! There has been little to no reported incidents of smash and grab at Suicide Cliff as of April 2007, when the above pictures were taken! This wasn't always the case.

In mid-November 2006, the papers reported on the latest incident of smash and grab at this popular tourist site. In this particular incident, it happened when ISA-CNMI and Beautify CNMI! volunteers were at Suicide Cliff beautifying the monuments and area. The public outcry didn't fall on deaf ears.

At the end of November, MVA invited Beautify CNMI! and other government agencies to team up to address the problem. The solution was to thin out the tangan tangan forests to take away the thieves' hiding places. You can read Angelo's post on this here by scrolling to the post entitled "Managing Natural Resources to Prevent Crime."

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