Sunday, April 15, 2007

War! War On Graffiti!

Front: Rep. Absalon Waki, Jr., DPS Commissioner Rebecca Warfield, Rep. Cinta Kaipat
Back: Dennis Cabrera, Daisie Camacho, Angelo Villagomez, Marites Castillo (FMI President), Kyle Kaipat

One of the projects that Beautify CNMI! indentified last year was tentatively called "War on Graffiti." We initially thought about gathering the kids and putting paint brushes in their hands and letting them paint over the graffiti. However, we thought that a better idea would be to get these kids to take ownership in these bus stops and buildings by inviting art teachers and local artists to submit mural designs to Beautify CNMI! so that we could get artists and kids to work on murals. This would be a better alternative to just painting over graffiti and, thus, creating a clean "canvas" for the graffiti monsters. Well, Beautify CNMI!'s cup runneth over, and we didn't get to this project in February.

But, this month (April), we gathered at DPS headquarters for a press conference to announce the launching of this program. You can read the MARIANAS VARIETY article here.

The following morning, Rep. Cinta Kaipat and Angelo Villagomez joined Principal Jonas Barcinas and the faculty and students of Dandan Elementary School to talk about the "War On Graffiti" Project. Dandan Elementary School was enthusiastic about getting started on the Project. Here are some pictures that were taken that day.

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