Friday, June 01, 2007

Need bags this week?

Hafa Adai Everyone,

I'll be off island this week attending a Micronesians in Island Conservation Retreat in Majuro. If you need any garbage bags or gloves, I've left some at the RC&D office in Garapan. Just contact Ken Kramer at 236-0893. If that supply runs out, there are more bags and gloves at the MINA office. Just contact one of the Board members and they can get them for you.

Do you like the new banner? In honor of our new stickers (which should be ready this afternoon!) I went ahead and changed it.

Beautify CNMI! isn't just a cleanup group. We also support recycling, good legislation, and of course, conservation.

Have a great week everyone,


P.S. I'll post pictures of Majuro on The Saipan Blog

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Anonymous said...

Banner seems to be broken at the moment. I would love to point to your site from another blog - but am hesitant to do so without a banner.