Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Planning a Successful Publicity Event

Sammer JammerzYesterday, as part of my internsip with Beautify CNMI, I helped Angelo coordinate the press event for the one year anniversary of Beautify CNMI's first tree planting. We planted 5 Flame Trees and the event was attended by the media and several volunteers and partners.

Angelo gave me homework; he told me to come up with a plan to hold a successful press event. This is what I came up with:


Before Event:
*Determine a time and place for your event. (Be sure to secure your place, or make sure it's available.)
*Inform your volunteers,(or group of people) about the event. (Call them up, send them an E-mail, etc.)
*Prepare any supplies that might be needed for the event, such as tools, chairs, tables, drinks, food, sound systems, etc.
*Call the media and let them know about the event.

How To Contact Media:
*Write a Press Release and send it to the media.
*Call the media and ask to speak to the reporter who will be covering your event.
(tv[KCMN],radios[Power99,KCNM 101, Magic 100.3],magazines[Island Locator, Beach Road],newspapers[Saipan Tribune, Marianas Variety.)

Preparing The Place:
*Clean up the place where the event will be help. (only if needed)
*Put up posters, banners, or anything else you have/want. (Optional.)
*Set up any sound systems, tables, chairs, coolers, or anything else that is needed for the event.
*Have photo ops set up and ready for picture taking.

Day Of The Event:
*Pack the supplies needed.
*Call the media to remind them about the event.

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Angelo Villagomez said...

Great job, Sami!

I'm sure the job offers to become a publicist will start pouring in any minute now!