Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thanks to our sponsors!

Tasi ToursI have to give a huge thank you to the businesses that supported the Beautify CNMI Micronesia Challenge Summer Camp. Tasi Tours offered to drive the students around to our different field trips all week FREE OF CHARGE. PSS does not have money to pay for gas, so we were extremely lucky that they are so generous.

Thank you, Tasi Tours!

ShirleysWe also owe a huge thank you to Ed Salas and Tan Holdings. Mr. Salas heard us on the Harry Blalock Island Issues radio show this morning talking about how we are running the camp on a shoe string budget. On Monday we had P&J sandwiches for lunch, on Tuesday we had the dollar menu at McDonalds, on Wednesday we had baloney and mayo, and due to Tan Holdings generosity, we feasted on Shirley's today.

Tan Holdings gave us $100 worth of food!

Thank you, Tan Holdings! Go visit Shirley's at the Thursday Street Market and at the Liberation Day Carnival. Thank them for me!


myLene<3 said...

Angelo, you are such a blogger freak! you're so fast to post this up. lol.

well, today was a long day! i'm stealing pix from you!

anyway, see you tomorrow!

Angelo Villagomez said...

Give a shout out to Tan Holdings and Tasi Tours on your blog. They really helped us out.

CNMI Blogger said...

Thank you Tasi Tours and Tan Holdings and everyone who helped to make this camp a super success!

Mylene and Gang, see you guys at the tree-planting tomorrow.