Monday, July 09, 2007

Allow me to give you an update

Beautify CNMI! continues to be as busy as ever, even if I don't have time to update every single one of our activities on this blog. We continue to have our weekly cleanups on Sunday mornings and sometimes on Saturday mornings; we have started planting trees, so far we have planted 115 Coconuts and 13 Flame Trees; we held a Summer Camp for 15 students; continue to support the Family Fun Night in Koblerville every Friday; cleaned up the lighthouse; had a public meeting concerning turtle conservation; and continue to look for ways to improve the welfare of our pets through proper pet care and veterinary services.

The Fourth of July was a day on, not a day off. About 20 volunteers met up at the Navy Hill Lighthouse for a cleanup.

Lighthouse CleanupThen over the weekend we had several cleanups.

On Saturday, Friends of the Mariana Islands led a cleanup of the Garapan Tourist District while DEQ led a cleanup of Pau Pau Beach.

On Sunday, Friends of the Mariana Islands also led a cleanup of Isa Drive, from Java Joe's all the way up to the Botanical Gardens.

We also managed to have some fun this weekend. A group of Beautify CNMI volunteers went night snorkeling in the hopes of seeing the annual coral spawning. We also had a BBQ on July 4th up at the Lighthouse and a goodbye BBQ for Steve and Miwa Nguyen on Sunday.

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