Saturday, July 28, 2007

CNMI Green Power Alliance Newsletter # 1

The first meeting of the CNMI Greenpower Alliance was held Sunday July 15 at 6 PM. There were 17 people present, with the group diversely composed of business people, consumers, students, and government representatives.

The featured speaker was Alan Barak, Assistant Attorney General. In the past, Alan worked with Green Power Groups in the Eastern US and was instrumental in their success. Alan has been charged with writing the regulations for the implementation of Public Law 15-23, which allows for consumer-producers of alternative energy to generate and send up to 100 KW of energy back into the CUC grid and be compensated for it.

Alan described the law briefly, and listened to feedback from the group on what they thought was important to be included in the regulations.

You can review the law by going to our website at , where there are other links of interest as well. The website will soon feature a link to an online discussion group for members.

Sunday morning Alan plans to post his initial draft of the regulations on the website. You can review it there in preparation for discussion and feedback to Alan at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be held this Sunday, July 29 6 PM at Coffee Care. I suggest you arrive early as I anticipate there will be more present at this meeting and seating may be limited.

The agenda will include a discussion of the initial draft of the regulations with opportunity to give feedback to Alan Barak. The second item will be a presentation on Wind Energy. There is a link to AWEA (American Wind EnergyAssociation) on our website. It has a broad ranging menu. I suggest going to the "Small Wind" menu tab and reviewing the selections on "Frequently Asked Questions" or "Advice From An Expert". There is also a link to equipment vendors. This will put you in good shape to gain the most from the presentation and discussion on wind energy at the meeting.

After last meeting a small group stayed and and carried on informal discussions. Some ordered dinner as well. From my perspective, much useful information was shared during the aftermeeting discussion.

I encourage you to visit the CNMI Green Power Alliance website and register. This will not only help keep you informed about the activities of the group, but will give us an objective measure of the interest in alternative energy in the CNMI. Your participation in the group is appreciated and important. It not only serves your personal interest, but will help enable the creation of an effective voice in
favor of alternative, sustainable, renewable, environmentally friendly (Green) energy options in the CNMI. Your participation may also help these green energy solutions be cost effective and affordable.

Energy and environmental concerns are at the forefront of people's minds wordwide. We are at a critical decision making time regarding the direction the CNMI will take in solving it's energy issues.

History has shown that a small group of people can have a profound influence in determing the course of events, for better or for worse.

There exists here and now an opportunity for you to be part of a group that helps shifts the direction of energy policy and outcomes in the CNMI in a positve direction towards green energy solutions. Visit the website, register, and encourage other like-minded individuals to do the same.

More than perhaps you realize, what we do here in the CNMI has global implications. We are in an excellent position to be a showcase for the world. Think globally, act locally.

Hope to see you Sunday evening!

Daniel C Lamar ND, MD
CNMI Green Power Alliance

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Brad said...

Has anyone ever done a proper wind study on Saipan? With an anemometer?
I've done a little research on Wind Farms, my family is currently running a wind study on our farm in Iowa in hopes there is sufficient wind to justify putting up several turbines.

I'm curious what the annual average wind speeds are on Saipan. Wind power is, in my opinion, the best way to go...if you have sufficient wind, that is.