Thursday, July 19, 2007

July General Meeting Notes

Animal Welfare:
Shelter is being built, needs funding for training, staffing
Mayor’s office has to spend $75,000 by Sept 30, we still have concerns that Tinian was able to build a shelter for $8000. Why is ours so expensive?
Neutering Clinic killed by Doctor Tudor

Still doing weekly cleanups
13 Flame trees this year
Planting more on Sunday
There have been two articles in the Variety about the damage bush cutters are doing to Flame Trees
Continuing Lighthouse cleanups
Sam’s Class

Had a meeting with Lynn Knight & Perry Tenorio
Not much to report

I have a quote from Ace…I need to give to MVA
Painted several bus stops

Micronesia Challenge & Turtles:
No movement since the turtle meeting in May
Had a Micronesia Summer Camp with 15 students
Teny wants to have monthly presentations – we should invite Teny, Angelo, Katie will work on some conservation presentations with turtles perhaps

Sponsoring Friday Family Fun Night
PSAs on 103.9 and 101.1
We Love Saipan network has helped with creation of 100 blogs, been mentioned on Radio, MP Magazine, Marianas Variety

SAVE Club:
Will be meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at Java Joes
Will be Saipan wide, not just Hopwood
Goal is to have 100 members by December

Junk Cars:
Garapan first as a pilot
Moving on to other villages, starting in a few weeks

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