Sunday, July 22, 2007

Making Koblerville Beautiful

Today we planted 28 more Flame Trees and 10 Plumeria in and around the Koblerville Youth Center. These 38 trees are in addition to the 36 trees we planted last week. Wee also continued removing little, picking up trash thrown out of people's car windows.

Seriously, can we stop throwing things out of the window as we drive? How hard would it to be to hold on to that beer can?

The Flame Trees planted today are part of our Adopt-a-Flame Tree program. We finished planting in front of the Youth Center, then planted a row in front of Koblerville Elementary, and then planted a row along Monsignor Martinez where it intersects Koblerville Road.

Cinta took a lot of pictures; look for her post!

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Tess said...

Yes madam, i've seen so many people doing that everywhere and believe it or not it's also Filipino doing it. I think i should really post some pictures those people that i've catch trowing trash! Will please said yes for me madam? Are they willing to take the rest? It's so inbarrashing!!!! I am going to start posting next week. In fact i catch one pick up having a Beautify CNMI steacker, which it happen that this owner of the Pick up is MOVER Vice President. I have never seen this person going to our cleanup or tree planting. But i'm wondering how he get the Beautify CNMI steaker. Did beautify CNMI sale it to him? Sorry but i am now going to post it in FMI blog this Pick Up truck.

God bless you madam.