Thursday, July 19, 2007

Olomwaay Office of Rep. Cinta Kaipat & Kaipat Family Volunteers

Dennis pours the paint for the team.
Lei paints the ceiling with Tony Benavente.
She paints the wall, too.
Rep. Cinta coming in the give Juanita a spell.
"Okay, Sister. Hand me that pole."
Dennis peeks in on Rene.
Gus (in yellow) doing his part.

Lei looks on as Gus gets some upper-body exercise.

Lei, in far corner, is joined by Roman Benavente, Jr. and Fred.

Gus (right) helps Juanita.
Rep. Cinta Kaipat tries to reach those hard-to-get corners. . .
. . . and ends up getting some on her face!
Olomwaay Gang for the SPLENDID JOB!
Yes, I did say Salamat Po, FMI!

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