Friday, July 06, 2007

Rescue Attempt for Airport Dog

PAWS is looking for a foster home or permanent home for a dog that is in need, and for someone to sponsor her medical attention.

Jane Belcher, from Texas, is here visiting Saipan for a couple of weeks. Upon her arrival in Saipan, she was greeted by a homeless black and white dog that lives at the Saipan Airport. The dog, according to Belcher, is emaciated. According to other reports, the dog has been living at the airport for at least three months.

Jane started feeding the dog, and has done so throughout her stay here in Saipan. She said, “When I first saw her, she literally could not stand on 3 feet to use the other one to scratch. Her tail was totally under her body. By Wednesday, after only a few days of food, she was running up to me, her tail was wagging and she actually whined a hello before I fed her on Wednesday night.”

She contacted PAWS and asked for their assistance. Per her request, PAWS went to visit the dog and bring it food and water, and to determine what course of action to take. PAWS President Katie Busenkell said that despite the dog’s weakened condition, she has a pleasant and friendly personality.

Busenkell said, “Cases like this are disturbing for numerous reasons. First, it is always disturbing that someone feels no shame in abandoning a dog and leaving it to fend for itself, or to die a slow death of starvation. Second, it is disturbing that so many people could look at this dog everyday on their way to work and not feel compelled to help it – if not for the dog’s safe, to benefit the community. And third, it is disturbing that our legislature still has not enacted an anti-cruelty bill that prohibits and deters animal abandonment, among other things.”

PAWS believes the dog can be nursed back to health, but they need to find someone to sponsor her medical treatment and provide the dog with a safe place to recuperate. Busenkell said, “This is precisely why we need a shelter. So animals don’t have to suffer this long, and so our community and tourists don’t have to witness their suffering.”

If no home can be found for this dog by Monday, PAWS will attempt to catch it and have her euthanized at the DLNR clinic on Tuesday.

If you or someone you know would be willing to help this dog, please contact Katie at 256-0243 (home) or at

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Anonymous said...

hi. want the doggie. how old is she? how can I help her and get her here? am in chicago. can't call you, you did not post your area code. you may call me. 1-773-848-4444. However, please delete my number from public viewing on your blog. thanks. Alex