Thursday, July 19, 2007

Si Yu'us Ma'ase Sablan Family Volunteers!

The Sablans -- Mike, Juanita, and Adam -- Beautify CNMI!'s Supervolunteer Family, joined Rep. Cinta Kaipat and other Beautify CNMI! coalition partners on Saturday, July 14, 2007, to help paint some classrooms at MHS. This was Day 2 of the painting project.

A family that volunteers together, well . . . paints together!
Mike miticulously trying to get the tough corners.
Young Enviornmental Warrior Adam Sablan showing why he is also a winner of the 2007 Beautify CNMI! Governor's Environmental Steward recipient.

Adam's ever-present co-volunteer, Mom Juanita, with Rep. Cinta Kaipat in the background.
Dennis Cabrera of Rep. Kaipat's Office prepares the paint. Adam looks on as Juanita and Rep. Cinta Kaipat discuss the best and fastest way to get the ceiling painted.

Troops To Teachers' Eugene (in blue) looks on as Adam tries hard to reach the ceiling. Dennis pours more paint for Mike.
Juanita and Adam take a drink and breather, while Mike, Gus Kaipat & Tony Benavente, President of MHS' PTA, work those muscles.
Lei Kaipat looks on as Uncle Gus paints with his shades on to avoid dripping paint in his eyes. Meanwhile, Mike and Adam do their part, too.
Mike, Tony, Adam, Juanita, and Gus busy ignoring the camera.

Members of the fabulous Saturday crew: Beautify CNMI!, Office of Rep. Cinta Kaipat, Troops To Teachers, Adam Sablan and family, Kaipat family, and Beautify CNMI!'s Supervolunteer partners FMI (not pictured here).

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