Friday, August 31, 2007

Activities this weekend

Good Friday Morning!

Looking for something to do this weekend? I've got something for you then.

DEQ hosts their monthly Cleanup Brigade on Saturday morning. This month they are at Wing Beach. The cleanup begins at 8 AM.

Earlier this week I said we'd be planting Flame Trees on Saturday morning. That was because I forgot we are going hiking.

So just to be clear, there will be no planting this week. Instead, the Parks & Trails committee will lead a reconnaissance hike up the Banadero Trail. We are working with the Boy Scouts to get this trail named as an historical trail. We are going to hike it tomorrow to see what kind of work needs to be done to improve it.

I will lead a hike from the Korean Memorial up to the top of Suicide Cliff and then back down. We'll be taking GPS positions of areas that are in need of stabilization, and so on, and anyone is welcome to tag along.

Just meet us up at the Korean Memorial at 8:45 AM. If I'm not there by 9:00 AM...just keep waiting. The hike takes about 30-45 minutes each way, depending on how fast you walk. You will not need a machete, but please bring hiking shoes and water. Zorries are a no-no.

If you are really motivated, you can cleanup Wing Beach with DEQ for an hour and then shoot up to the Korean Memorial to join us in our hike.

Saturday night Aqua Resort has an All You Can Eat Shrimp Fest. The shrimp are all locally raised and 10% of the proceeds goes to MINA to support Beautify CNMI activities. This is a great opportunity to support the local shrimp farming industry and our environmental coalition at the same time. Please call Yoshimi at 322-1234 for reservations.

Sunday morning is our monthly cleanup of the Garapan Tourist District. We meet at the American Memorial Park parking lot at 8 AM. This will be the 12th consecutive month of this cleanup. Is Garapan clean yet?

Our schedule can always be found online at:

I do my best to keep it up to date.

Have a great weekend,


Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is a good idea

A local hotel is promoting locally raised food and donating some of the profits to a local environmental coalition. I think that's pretty cool.

Let's all go to Aqua Resort this Saturday night to support local shrimp farming industry and Beautify CNMI! Call Yoshimi at 322-1234 for reservations.

Monday, August 27, 2007

SAVE cleans up Laly 4

Why is the Beach in Chalan Kanoa called Laly 4? Does anyone know where Laly 1, 2, and 3 are located?

Well, whatever the reason, on Saturday morning 20 Hopwood Junior High School Students, 1 LISS student, two teachers, two dogs, and one soccer playing tree hugger cleaned it from Hopwood Junior High School to Sugar Dock.

Most of the litter was trash left over from picnics. We did not find any illegal dumping (this time) and not much washes up on the beach here.

If people would just learn to pick up after themselves we could have a nice clean beach. The adults on this island are lucky that their children are willing to pick up after them.

Student Action for a Viable EnvironmentThank you, Student Action for a Viable Environment!

Angelo's Weekly Update

Are you on the Beautify CNMI mailing list?

Every Monday morning I send out a summary of the weekend's activites. On Thursdays I send out the upcoming weekend's activities. If there is a meeting on a particular day, I send out a meeting reminder.

If you are not on the list and you would like to be, please email Angelo at angelovillagomez at gmail dot com.

Here is my update from this morning:

Good Monday Morning,

We had several successful events over the weekend.

On Friday, we announced the winners of the Photo Contest to raise awareness of the Micronesia Challenge and over 30 people participated in a public forum discussing Marine Protected Areas and Coral Reefs. On Saturday, the members of the Student Action for a Viable Environment clubs cleaned up the beach in Chalan Kanoa and one of the pocket beaches in Dandan. On Sunday, Friends of the Mariana Islands cleaned up Dandan Road. The Lion's Club was also out this weekend cleaning up their adopted spot along Beach Road (sorry, I forgot if that was Saturday or Sunday).

There will be a Parks & Trails meeting this Thursday at 1 PM. The meeting is in the USDA Conference Room, on the first floor of the DY Buidling in Garapan on Beach Road. If you have questions, please contact Ken Kramer, RC&D Coordinator, at 236-0893.

This Saturday we should be planting the last of our Flame Trees...I just don't know where yet.

This Sunday we will be in the Garapan Tourist District. Our cleanup meets at the AMP Parking lot and begins at 8 AM.

Have a great week!


Photo Contest Winners

On Friday night we announced the 10 finalists and the Grand Prize winner of the Photo Contest to raise awareness for the Micronesia Challenge. Here are a few of the top 10:

Leslie Ware won the Grand Prize with his photo of a Fairy Tern flying in front of some Flame Trees. He won a one night stay at Aqua Resort and lunch for two at Grand Hotel.

He also had two other photos chosen as top 10 finalists:

These next two photos were taken by Takahiro Noguchi. If I had been a judge, I would have chosen the picture of the fish as the Grand Prize winner (Sorry, Les).

Laura Williams from Division of Fish & Wildlife submitted this photo of Bikkia tetrandra:

I'm not sure if the judges have a sense of humor or if this is just a coincidence, but Harry Blalock's photo of a hermit crab was chosen as a finalist:

This photo of Yoshimi Yanagasawa and her Mom was also chosen:

Aya Matsumoto had two photos in the top 10:

Here are two of the winning photographers accepting their Beautify CNMI prize packs:

Each Beautify CNMI giftpack includes one of our turtle bags, two t-shirts, several bumper stickers, and a limited edition Beautify CNMI mug.

They are limited edition because I dropped the bag they were in and about 1/4 of them broke.


The top 10 finalists and 10 Honorable Mentions were on display at our event at the Grand Hotel on Friday.

After the announcement of the winners we had a public forum hosted by Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council (that's me). Over 30 people participated, including several public school teachers. Dr. Peter Houk, Biologist from Division of Environmental Quality, and Greg Moretti, Marine Protected Area Specialist from NOAA, presented on some of the work they are doing concerning the Micronesia Challenge.

Afterwards we had a long question & answer session.

The event was a success.

Thank you, Aqua Resort, Grand Hotel,and Marianas RC&D for providing prizes!

Thank you, Grand Hotel for hosting the event!

Thank you, Marianas RC&D for paying!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Micronesia Challenge Photo Contest

There will be a forum on the Micronesia Challenge this Friday at 5 PM at the Grand Hotel in Susupe. I'm looking for fishermen, students, and divers to attend!

I'm helping the Micronesia Challenge Outreach Committee by putting together a photo contest. I went ahead and reserved, set up a blog at, directed the website url to the blog url, and started posting the pictures.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

We are going to announce the winners on Friday at Grand Hotel, which is followed by a Micronesia Challenge panel discussion.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Marianas Dive Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2007.
Meeting Summary

Election of President (Mike Tripp), Vice President (Harry Blalock), Treasurer (Harry Blalock), and Secretary (Katrina Dugger).

Goals / Immediate Priorities

A. Mission Statement – to be done by Harry / Mike / others encouraged for input.
B. Website Development – Formation of committee, including Walt, Steve, Jonathon. Extensive discussion about content and set up.
C. Dive Site Improvement – Lots of discussion re moorings etc, beach clean ups, and what could be improved to make Marianas World Class.
D. Building of the Group – Membership, dues, etc to be determined. Social event. Individuals encouraged to promote site, to sign up on the mailing list and the forums as well as to use the forums for suggestions.

Additional committees discussed included

Non Profit formation
By virtue of absenteeism and his suggestion Ron Smith was appointed to head this effort.

Government / Inter-agency Liaison
Suggested appointments and Nominees – Mike Tripp, Harry Blalock, Doug B.

Promotions / Social Committee
Suggested appointments and Nominees – Katrina, Harry Blalock


Board Meeting
Set for Friday August 17, 2007
Harry, Mike, Katrina and others interested to write Mission Statement, Welcome Letter, set agenda for next meeting and discuss options for membership fees / dues.

Membership Meeting
Set for Wednesday August 22, 2007 Oleai Beach bar 6:30 PM
Those interested in submitting a short synopsis on what makes Marianas diving unique are encouraged to do so at this meeting to facilitate website content development.

Friday August 17, 2007
Board Meeting Summary.

Mike Tripp, Harry Blalock, Katrina Dugger, Greg Moretti, Mike Ernest, John Starmer, Jonathan,

Mission Statement draft Complete – ready for discussion (see attached)
Welcome letter complete – now automatically sent with new member sign up.
CRM Update:
Discussion with John Starmer of DEQ regarding moorings, reef lines, past and present education programs, reef monitoring activities, Coral reef out reach programs.

Dues / Membership structure
A proposed tiered system is offered as an option.
There will be a $20 or $50 yearly membership fee option.
The $20 option – addition to mailing list and right to vote on issues as required.
The $50 option – includes mailing list and right to vote but also includes a coupon book for items / services to be determined by participating donors. (minimum value of coupon book? tbd).


Monthly Dive Site Cleaning--DEQ / BCNMI
Grants from PADI (up to $10,000), Project Aware and Education Programs.

Mission Statement: Awareness, Education & Protection

The Marianas Dive group is dedicated to creating a resource, a world class destination and a community for the purpose of increasing awareness, promoting education, and ensuring the protection of the underwater world of the Marianas Islands (Saipan, Tinian, Rota) and the unique diving experience it offers.

A Resource
We shall begin by networking and using the internet and all promotional tools available to create a Marianas Dive information portal. This information will be amassed and provided to the local and international dive, and scientific communities and be available in the languages of all our target tourist countries.

A World Class Destination
We shall ensure that the Mariana Islands meet or beat the expectations of a being a safe, environmentally friendly, world class dive destination. This includes improving diver safety and reducing environmental impact by assisting with the implementation and maintenance of a proper mooring system, including marker buoys and guide ropes at all popular dive sites. It is also our goal to ensure all divers are environmentally aware of their impact on the reef and marine environment.

A Community
We are, above all else, a community that shares a love of all things underwater. We shall promote fellowship and camaraderie among all divers who enjoy the waters of the Marianas whether full time, during occasional trips or as weekend warriors. We shall meet regularly, organize group dives and social events that allow members to interact, swap stories, discuss ideas and to get to know one another personally. We welcome all regardless of nationality, culture, level or frequency of dive experience.

Monday, August 13, 2007

CNMI Green Power Alliance Newsletter #2007-02

CNMI Green Power Alliance
Newsletter #2007-02
July 31, 2007

MISSION: We are an alliance of consumers and producers who are focused on promoting, adopting, creating, and advancing the use of the CNMI's natural resources as sources of alternative energy.

In this issue: New net metering regs and comments sought; wind power talks by Jim Thomas, Chuck Jordan and Joe Butters; AWEA small wind slide show; steering committee being organized; next meeting August 19.

Hi everyone!

The second public meeting of the CNMI Green Power Alliance took place Sunday July 29 6PM at Coffee Care. Things are really moving forward! Seventeen people attended (the same number that attended the first meeting) with seven new first time attendees.

NEW GREEN POWER REGS POSTED FOR YOUR COMMENTS. First item on the agenda was a presentation of the first draft of the regulations for Public Law 15-23 (PL 15-23) by Assistant Attorney General Alan Barak, followed by discussion. A link to the initial draft of the regulations is posted on the website for review.

Alan requested that feedback in the form of your suggestions, comments, or questions be posted on Bulletin Board (BB), which is now linked to the website. It is intended that this BB will serve as an online public discussion group and speed up the process of getting the regs completed and published in the CNMI Register. The sooner you can review the draft regs and post your feedback the better, as Alan wants to get the regulations published in the CNMI register mid August for general public review. The regs to implement this law are critical to the overall benefit the law will have, and this is an unusual opportunity for us to have input.

Once the regs have gone through the review process and are published a second time in the Register, they will go into effect. This could happen as soon as mid September.


*To post comments on the BB, click the “Sign in” link on the upper right of the BB home page. The first time you sign in, you will need to click “Apply for membership” on the bottom right to create your user name and password. Initially, it may take some time for your user name and password to become active. As we develop the BB further, this process will become more immediate.

WIND POWER TECHNOLOGY FOR THE CNMI. The second Item on the agenda was a presentation/discussion of wind power led by Jim Thomas, Chuck Jordan, and Joe Butters.

JIM THOMAS of Windsock, Inc., (located on Middle Road in Chalan Lau Lau… discussed wind power in general and some of the special concerns for using wind power in the CNMI. Grid-tied or battery charging systems are available and will affect design and cost. He stressed the need to get a system certified by NEMA, or ISO, or UL, or another US DOE approved agency, in order to have a safe system that CUC will approve. He has been working with GE Wind Power’s China division on developing a wind power generation system specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the marine environment we have here in the CNMI. He has been trial testing prototypes at his home, and hopes to bring in units for commercial distribution once the regulations are in place.

CHUCK JORDAN (Marianas’ Coffee - Weaning people of the Marinas off bad coffee one cup at a time… discussed his experience with wind power dating back to his days in Yap in the 1980’s as an energy planner. Yap installed a wind generator that was effective but rusted out after only a year or two, and then became useless. He stressed the need for doing your research before investing, and getting a reliable system geared towards a marine environment, designed with ways to protect your system if a typhoon occurs.

He mentioned that Saipan installed an experimental trial wind power system in Kagman many years ago that blew down in a typhoon before it was stabilized and was destroyed. He currently has an effective solar hot water system and a ? “Flowtron” solar powered pool cleaning unit that works well. He has been researching options and plans to install a hybrid solar/wind system to help power his residence and business on Mt. Tapochao as soon as the CUC regs are in place.

Chuck also mentioned that Tina Sablan of DEQ is working with a group that is planning a grant-funded GREEN BUILDING DESIGN COMPETION. Further details about this competition will soon be posted on the website.

JOE BUTTERS described what is available at the Family Outlet on Middle Road in Guala Rai, near the Sherwin Williams paint store (Jason Jang, manager…, 234-8986). He has wind generation systems among other green energy items in stock and invited people to stop by, see what is available, and speak with him or manager Jason Jang about their products.

AWEA SMALL WIND SLIDE PRESENTATION. I prepared a slide show presentation on wind power for the meeting, but due to time considerations, it was not shown. I recommend that those interested go the AWEA link on the website to access the slideshow. Once at the AWEA website, click on the “Small Wind” top menu tab. In the next window, find and click the link to download the slide show “Wind power 101, and Wind power 102-104. It is a very good introduction to wind power, about 40 slides long in total. The Small Wind window page also has a link to equipment manufacturers. Visiting these sites can be educational. You may learn what products are available, current costs, and access useful links to other sites of interest.

STEERING COMMITTEE. We discussed the need to create a steering committee for the CNMI Green Power Alliance. Those considering participating on the steering committee included Ron Smith, Ken Kramer, Scott Crockett, Barry Wonenberg, and Daniel Lamar. A steering committee meeting will be arranged, and the outcome will be discussed at the next meeting. You can contact Dan Lamar if you want to lend some time or suggestions to this effort.

NEXT MEETING. The next general meeting of the CNMI Green Power Alliance is scheduled for Sunday August 19, at 6 PM, again at Coffee Care. Agenda items include follow-up discussion of the regulations to implement PL 15-23, report on the outcome of the steering committee meeting, followed by a presentation/discussion on Solar Energy. Please email me if you have suggestions on suitable persons to present and lead the discussions on Solar Energy.

Please forward this newsletter to others you think might be interested, and encourage them to visit our website and register.

Daniel Lamar
CNMI Green Power Alliance

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another busy weekend

The Marianas Class of 1983 took advantage of "Austerity Friday" to plant a Flame Tree at their old stomping grounds. This Flame Tree was #101 of the Beautify CNMI Adopt-a-Flame Tree Program.

I brought along a second tree and dedicated it to the MHS Class of 2011. That was Flame Tree #102.

On Saturday morning we helped Jeff Turbitt, an English teacher at Saipan Southern High School, paint his classroom. Jeff provided the paint and we provided the man power.

Java Joes provided the volunteers with a box full of cookies. Thanks, Rick Jones!

Tomorrow we have a cleanup of Isa Drive from the Botanical Garden down to San Vicente Elementary. We'll start at about 8 AM. Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 10, 2007

PAWS and AWC in attendance at WSPA animal welfare conference in Samoa

PAWS President and Beautify CNMI's Animal Welfare Chair, Katie Busenkell, recently returned from an animal welfare conference sponsored by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in Samoa. WSPA is a United Nations partner.

As a Pacific Island Society Member, WSPA invited PAWS to attend the conference to learn about animal welfare education in the Pacific region, as well as animal control methods and working with local governments.

The conference was held from July 28-30. Pacific island delegates included Samoa, American Samoa, Papa New Guinea, the Cook Islands, Majuro, Fiji, and Saipan. A Vanuatu delegate was scheduled to give a presentation during the conference, but missed his flight.

Also in attendance were representatives from the Australia Queensland RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), New Zealand RSCPA, and WSPA directors from Australia, the United Kingdom, and Asia.

Busenkell said, “It was a great opportunity for PAWS to learn more about how to educate children about the importance of responsible pet ownership. We also learned a great deal about effective methods of animal control, not all of which require spaying and neutering.”

“Believe it or not, animal welfare taints our tourism industry, and property values, while also raising public health and safety concerns. Collectively, the community needs to change their approach to animals. With the help of organizations like WSPA and the United States Humane Society, PAWS is willing and able to help people do just that – change the way they treat animals in a manner that benefits the community and the animals.”

August 2007 General Meeting Notes

August 2007 General Meeting

Restoration – Angelo Villagomez with help from Cinta Kaipat

Planted 100 Flame Trees so far, about 25 ready to be planted
Purchasing supplies for more plantings with RCDs NFWF grant
Upcoming Obyan Planting – Sept.
Upcoming Laulau Planting – Sept.
Saipan Southern HS painting on Aug. 11
MHS Tree Planting on Aug. 10
Year of the Coral Reef mural contest
-Reina needs a budget/proposal
-Cinta wants to have a one day painting
-We need to talk to Officer Seman

Micronesia Challenge – Angelo Villagomez

Panel Discussion on MC on Aug. 24. May have to postpone one week due to American Samoa conference – I’ll find out tomorrow
Reserved – redirects to the Unofficial MC Blog
Photo contest has 11 submissions. We need more.

Parks & Trails – Angelo Villagomez for Ken Kramer

Working with BSA to restore Banadero Trail
Coordinating with RCD, MINA, HPO, and DFW
Next meeting is on August 17, 1 PM at USDA NRCS

Animal Welfare – Angelo Villagomez, read an email by Katie Busenkell

- We are still working towards opening a humane shelter with the Mayor's office. So far, the Mayor's office is unwilling to entertain the idea of re-designing the shelter. Chair Katie Busenkell objects to the Mayor's current design plan because: (1) it is absorbing too much money and appears to be ill-designed; and (2) No one from the Humane Society, or with experience operating a shelter, has been consulted about the design plan. Proper design is extremely important, as ill-designed shelter can quickly become death traps that cultivate and host diseases.

-Passing anti-cruelty legislation. A presentation to the Senate/House Committee will hopefully take place sometime in the next couple of weeks. With approval from the committee considering the bill, AWC members and PAWS members will be invited to attend the presentation;

-PAWS President.AWC Chair Katie Busenkell just returned from a conference in Samoa, hosted by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), a United Nations Partner. The conference focused primarily on educating children about responsible pet ownership and government methods of animal control.

PAWS will be hosting a general meeting in September wherein the conference will be discussed in greater detail. All are invited to attend and participate in discussions and endeavors. The date and time will be announced later.

-Katie mentioned the Turtle Conservation Project to WSPA representatives. They will send AWC what materials they have about turtle conservation/preservation.

Legislation & Zoning – Cinta Kaipat

Cinta submitted a Global Warming bill
Zoning hearing on August 14, 6:30 at the Multipurpose Center

Solid Waste – Steve Hiney

The project has been slowed because there was no property to work on the cars and no permits from DEQ
Bali Steel and DPL signed Lease on August 3, they now have land.
They are writing a permit application for DEQ
Going to do a survey of the area next week looking for cars
Mayor has not responded, may have equipment, but hasn’t confirmed
There are some issues concerning what to do with the parts of the car that can’t be sold as scrap metal – it will probably end up in the landfill

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

East Obyan Latte Site

Hidden Latte StonesSo who told the NMC students about the East Obyan Latte Site? I've walked by it a dozen times and I had no idea it was there.

Jungle Latte StonesEven if I had stumbled upon it, I probably would have thought that they were just a bunch of rocks. I imagine that this is one reason why there are so few latte stone houses left in the Marianas. Even if the Japanese or Americans had cared enough about the cultural symbol of the Marianas to protect them, were they even educated enough to recognize them? I doubt it.

HPO ChainsawLuckily we have the people at Historic Preservation Office to help us recognize historical sites. They are there should we have any questions. They might not know all the answers, but they are at least there to give us some insight.

East Obyan Latte SiteI hate to have to admit this, but even after we finished clearing the historical site, it still kind of looked like a bunch of rocks in a clearing. (hangs head in shame).

Ancient Chamorro Latte StonesHPO has a grant to design and build information signs for some of the historical spots around the island. Within the year, tourists and locals who visit this and a few other selected sites will be able to learn about some of the history of these islands.

NKK PostHistory is piled on top of history in Saipan. This cement post was put here by NKK before World War II. It is right in the middle of the latte stone site.

Obyan Latte StonesSo there it is. Go check out the site. To get there, park at the end of the paved parking lot at Obyan Beach, walk through the concrete structure, and right before you get to the beach, look left. You'll see a clearing with the latte stones in the middle.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Carnival of the Blue III

Carnival of the BlueA post on my personal blog was included in Carnival of the Blue III, hosted on Rick MacPherson's blog Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets. Carnival of the Blue is a roundup of a month's worth of the best ocean blogging on the Internet.

The Saipan Blog will host Carnival of the Blue IV on September 3. I am currently looking for contributors. Please publish your post and email me the link at angelovillagomez at g mail dot com. Once I publish the carnival, all you have to do in return is to add a link to it in a post on your blog. It is a great way to build traffic and connect with other bloggers interested in ocean issues.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

We Welcomed Our Visitors From Israel and Switzerland

In July, Beautify CNMI! welcomed some new international friends who joined us in some of our activities. Neta, from Israel; Rep. Cinta Kaipat; and Flurina, from Switzerland. These two ladies participated in the Koblerville flame tree plantings that Beautify CNMI held last month (July). Thank you, friends.Neta and Flurina posed with two of Beautify CNMI!'s leaders -- Ken Kramer (RC&D) and Captain Carl Brachear.Flurina planting lasting memories in Koblerville on Saipan..

Beautify CNMI! volunteers working side by side to help transform the Kobler Substation into a truly beautiful site to behold. We should start to see some blooms in about three or four years. Hopefully, in three or four years, we would see blooming flame trees such as these when we travel down Koblerville's main street. (Blooming flame trees photos courtesy of Mike Tripp.)
The Group Shot. 1-2-3: Beautify CNMI!
One more time with Angelo! 1-2-3: Beautify CNMI!

Announcing the Micronesia Challenge Photo Contest

Micronesia Challenge Photo Contest

In 2006, Governor Benigno Fitial joined the leaders of Palau, Guam, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands to sign the Declaration of Commitment to the Micronesia Challenge. He pledged that the CNMI would work "to effectively conserve 30% of our near shore resources and 20% of our forest resources by 2020."

A CNMI Outreach & Education Committee is charged with publicly promoting the goals and activities of the Micronesia Challenge. Composed of representatives from government, environmental non-profits, and other members of the community, the Committee is seeking photographs to use in outreach materials.

In order to obtain as wide a variety of high quality photos as possible about the CNMI, the Committee hereby announces the “Micronesia Challenge Photo Contest”.


•Photos must relate to the Micronesia Challenge and must be taken within the CNMI.

•Photos can be professional or amateur. The content of the photos is up to the artist.

•Photos can be underwater, terrestrial, or aerial, can be natural and/or include wildlife, flora, or different types of people such as children, locals, and tourists in different settings. Other possible photos can show the effects on the environment of poor management and good management practices.

•Suggested themes from past and present campaigns that may help the artist come up with ideas include:

1.What we do on the land can affect our marine environment
2.More Fish, Less Pollution
3.Let Our Islands Shine
4.Our Environment: Our Health, Our Future.

•Photos must be digital and emailed to

•Each artist is allowed to submit up to 10 photos.

•Photos become the property of the Micronesia Challenge Outreach and Education Committee.

•The best photos will be showcased on a website with appropriate photo credit give to the contributing artist.

Prizes are yet to be announced, but the top 10 artists will receive a Beautify CNMI gift pack.

Contest ends August 20th at 5 PM, followed by the announcement of the winners August 24th at a Happy Hour Panel Discussion with government and non-government officials involved with the implementation of the Challenge. If you have any questions, please contact Angelo Villagomez at 483-1078.