Friday, August 10, 2007

August 2007 General Meeting Notes

August 2007 General Meeting

Restoration – Angelo Villagomez with help from Cinta Kaipat

Planted 100 Flame Trees so far, about 25 ready to be planted
Purchasing supplies for more plantings with RCDs NFWF grant
Upcoming Obyan Planting – Sept.
Upcoming Laulau Planting – Sept.
Saipan Southern HS painting on Aug. 11
MHS Tree Planting on Aug. 10
Year of the Coral Reef mural contest
-Reina needs a budget/proposal
-Cinta wants to have a one day painting
-We need to talk to Officer Seman

Micronesia Challenge – Angelo Villagomez

Panel Discussion on MC on Aug. 24. May have to postpone one week due to American Samoa conference – I’ll find out tomorrow
Reserved – redirects to the Unofficial MC Blog
Photo contest has 11 submissions. We need more.

Parks & Trails – Angelo Villagomez for Ken Kramer

Working with BSA to restore Banadero Trail
Coordinating with RCD, MINA, HPO, and DFW
Next meeting is on August 17, 1 PM at USDA NRCS

Animal Welfare – Angelo Villagomez, read an email by Katie Busenkell

- We are still working towards opening a humane shelter with the Mayor's office. So far, the Mayor's office is unwilling to entertain the idea of re-designing the shelter. Chair Katie Busenkell objects to the Mayor's current design plan because: (1) it is absorbing too much money and appears to be ill-designed; and (2) No one from the Humane Society, or with experience operating a shelter, has been consulted about the design plan. Proper design is extremely important, as ill-designed shelter can quickly become death traps that cultivate and host diseases.

-Passing anti-cruelty legislation. A presentation to the Senate/House Committee will hopefully take place sometime in the next couple of weeks. With approval from the committee considering the bill, AWC members and PAWS members will be invited to attend the presentation;

-PAWS President.AWC Chair Katie Busenkell just returned from a conference in Samoa, hosted by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), a United Nations Partner. The conference focused primarily on educating children about responsible pet ownership and government methods of animal control.

PAWS will be hosting a general meeting in September wherein the conference will be discussed in greater detail. All are invited to attend and participate in discussions and endeavors. The date and time will be announced later.

-Katie mentioned the Turtle Conservation Project to WSPA representatives. They will send AWC what materials they have about turtle conservation/preservation.

Legislation & Zoning – Cinta Kaipat

Cinta submitted a Global Warming bill
Zoning hearing on August 14, 6:30 at the Multipurpose Center

Solid Waste – Steve Hiney

The project has been slowed because there was no property to work on the cars and no permits from DEQ
Bali Steel and DPL signed Lease on August 3, they now have land.
They are writing a permit application for DEQ
Going to do a survey of the area next week looking for cars
Mayor has not responded, may have equipment, but hasn’t confirmed
There are some issues concerning what to do with the parts of the car that can’t be sold as scrap metal – it will probably end up in the landfill

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Would beautify CNMI be interested in planting other types of trees? See my August 19 post, Food stuffs.