Monday, August 20, 2007

Marianas Dive Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2007.
Meeting Summary

Election of President (Mike Tripp), Vice President (Harry Blalock), Treasurer (Harry Blalock), and Secretary (Katrina Dugger).

Goals / Immediate Priorities

A. Mission Statement – to be done by Harry / Mike / others encouraged for input.
B. Website Development – Formation of committee, including Walt, Steve, Jonathon. Extensive discussion about content and set up.
C. Dive Site Improvement – Lots of discussion re moorings etc, beach clean ups, and what could be improved to make Marianas World Class.
D. Building of the Group – Membership, dues, etc to be determined. Social event. Individuals encouraged to promote site, to sign up on the mailing list and the forums as well as to use the forums for suggestions.

Additional committees discussed included

Non Profit formation
By virtue of absenteeism and his suggestion Ron Smith was appointed to head this effort.

Government / Inter-agency Liaison
Suggested appointments and Nominees – Mike Tripp, Harry Blalock, Doug B.

Promotions / Social Committee
Suggested appointments and Nominees – Katrina, Harry Blalock


Board Meeting
Set for Friday August 17, 2007
Harry, Mike, Katrina and others interested to write Mission Statement, Welcome Letter, set agenda for next meeting and discuss options for membership fees / dues.

Membership Meeting
Set for Wednesday August 22, 2007 Oleai Beach bar 6:30 PM
Those interested in submitting a short synopsis on what makes Marianas diving unique are encouraged to do so at this meeting to facilitate website content development.

Friday August 17, 2007
Board Meeting Summary.

Mike Tripp, Harry Blalock, Katrina Dugger, Greg Moretti, Mike Ernest, John Starmer, Jonathan,

Mission Statement draft Complete – ready for discussion (see attached)
Welcome letter complete – now automatically sent with new member sign up.
CRM Update:
Discussion with John Starmer of DEQ regarding moorings, reef lines, past and present education programs, reef monitoring activities, Coral reef out reach programs.

Dues / Membership structure
A proposed tiered system is offered as an option.
There will be a $20 or $50 yearly membership fee option.
The $20 option – addition to mailing list and right to vote on issues as required.
The $50 option – includes mailing list and right to vote but also includes a coupon book for items / services to be determined by participating donors. (minimum value of coupon book? tbd).


Monthly Dive Site Cleaning--DEQ / BCNMI
Grants from PADI (up to $10,000), Project Aware and Education Programs.

Mission Statement: Awareness, Education & Protection

The Marianas Dive group is dedicated to creating a resource, a world class destination and a community for the purpose of increasing awareness, promoting education, and ensuring the protection of the underwater world of the Marianas Islands (Saipan, Tinian, Rota) and the unique diving experience it offers.

A Resource
We shall begin by networking and using the internet and all promotional tools available to create a Marianas Dive information portal. This information will be amassed and provided to the local and international dive, and scientific communities and be available in the languages of all our target tourist countries.

A World Class Destination
We shall ensure that the Mariana Islands meet or beat the expectations of a being a safe, environmentally friendly, world class dive destination. This includes improving diver safety and reducing environmental impact by assisting with the implementation and maintenance of a proper mooring system, including marker buoys and guide ropes at all popular dive sites. It is also our goal to ensure all divers are environmentally aware of their impact on the reef and marine environment.

A Community
We are, above all else, a community that shares a love of all things underwater. We shall promote fellowship and camaraderie among all divers who enjoy the waters of the Marianas whether full time, during occasional trips or as weekend warriors. We shall meet regularly, organize group dives and social events that allow members to interact, swap stories, discuss ideas and to get to know one another personally. We welcome all regardless of nationality, culture, level or frequency of dive experience.

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