Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Big Thanks to Our Friends in the Media

Thanks to our friends in the media, the lost/stolen dog Jake has been returned his rightful owner!

Last week, a woman and her kids spotted Jake trotting on a road in Capital Hill. The woman's kids liked the looks of Jake, so she picked him up and took him home. She changed his collar and then chained him to a post in the front yard.

Upon seeing Jake's picture on the television, she called Adam (Jake's owner) and reported that she had taken Jake and had him in her possession. Adam picked Jake up last night.

Few lessons here:
  1. Don't pick up animals that look healthy and have a collar on. Maybe they belong to someone in the neighborhood.

  2. If you do pick up an animal that doesn't belong to you, call PAWS so they can try to reunite the animal with it's rightful owner. If they can't find the owner, you can have the dog (if you promise to take care of it).

  3. Don't let your dogs freely roam the hood. Dogs that run around freely get into trouble (i.e. they go missing, they make puppies that we don't need, etc). Ideally, you should fence in your yard. Fencing your yard protects your dog(s) from theft and/or injury, while also allowing the animal to move about naturally.

If you have any questions about responsible pet ownership and/or reporting a lost or stolen dog, call PAWS at 256-0243.

Again - thanks to our friends in the media for helping us find Jake.

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Tamira Ci Thayne said...

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