Monday, September 24, 2007

I need a vacation

Hafa Adai Everyone,

Pictures and anecdotes from these weekend can be found on our website,

Our cleanup with Hopwood was featured on KSPN on Friday night. The video can be found on Youtube:

I will be taking a long vacation starting this weekend. I will be off island and will return in approximately 6 weeks.

It rained on Sunday, so we were not able to finish painting the lighthouse. Dr. Khorram has most of the supplies at his house should some one want to take the lead on this project while I am away. If not, we'll finish it when I get back. The exterior still needs a final coat of paint, but the graffiti is pretty much gone.

The other Beautify CNMI Committee chairs are going to take over the duties that I currently have, including coordinating volunteer activities, updating the website, sending out emails, notifying the press, keeping track of donations, and so on. I will give them the email list and they will take over from there.


I won't be on Saipan for my birthday, which is October 5, so we are going to do something this Saturday. I'm not going to announce where we will be on this email list, but I'll post the details on The Saipan Blog. All are invited. I'm going to be more year until I am officially "old."


Tess said...

On behalf of FMI we would like to greet you advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may you have many more Birthdays to come! May God Bless You always Angelo.

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