Sunday, September 30, 2007

Labor Trash Force Picked Up 440 lbs of Trash!

The Labor Trash Force marked the last "Austerity Friday" by picking up trash on Chalan Tun Tomas P. Sablan Road. Labor's adopted section begins from the Mobil Gas Station in Chalan Piao to the last Pavilion at San Antonio Beach. (About half of the cleanup participants aren't pictured in this photo). GREAT JOB LABOR TRASH FORCE!

The following article appeared in the Tribune last Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Labor collects two truckloads of trash in cleanup

By Ferdie de la Torre
Department of Labor personnel and some family members collected two truckloads of garbage during a cleanup operation along Beach Road in Chalan Piao to San Antonio on Friday.

Twenty-eight Labor officials and staff members brought family members along and teamed up with the Beautify CNMI led by Rep. Cinta Kaipat in combing both sides of Chalan Tun Tomas P. Sablan for trash.

Labor Deputy Secretary Alfred A. Pangelinan told Saipan Tribune yesterday that majority of their employees volunteered their time to do the cleanup. Friday was the last austerity holiday for the government.

Pangelinan said they started near the Mobil Oil Station at 8am and reached the San Antonio Beach south of the Pacific Islands Club at 10am.

At the beach, they had a barbecue and had lunch together, the official said.

Pangelinan said that Labor personnel are overloaded with work, but most of the employees were determined to participate in the effort.

“It was a good day,” he added.

Pangelinan said Labor had adopted the place for regular cleanups and the turnout of participants this year was a lot better than last year.

“We want to send out [a message] to the community that we also want to put in our share [in beautifying the island]. We don't only take care of their applications but also help beautify,” he said.

Labor Secretary Gil M. San Nicolas failed to join because he had a meeting. His secretary, Maria Agulto, was there.

Most of the trash collected were soda and beer cans, towels, garments, shoes, and plastic materials.

Here's a link to the Tribune page.

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