Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thanks To All Who Came To The Coral Reef Mural Contest Meeting Earlier Tonight

Earlier this year, we held a press conference with DPS Commissioner Rebecca Warfield and Officer Tricia Seman to discuss the rash of graffiti that cropped up all over this beautiful island of ours. Rather than just repaint over the graffit, I had this idea that we would have a mural-painting contest that would involve local artists, art teachers, and the young students involved in working together to paint either a bus stop or a vacant building. Imagine how much nicer it would look to our visitors and our community if, instead of looking at graffiti, we saw beautiful, colorful mural paintings instead. Tonight, we moved closer and closer to that goal.
Juanita Fajardo and Tricia Seman at our first Coral Reef Mural Painting Meeting at Java Joe's. I tapped Tricia to chair this huge project, with the rest of us providing full support. Angelo will post some minutes of the meeting later or as soon as he gets his notes back from Reina.
We met for a couple hours and put together our "wish list" of supplies, prizes, etc.
We also discussed when to hold this contest and how we would go about it.
Super science teacher Bree Reynolds flashing that winning smile.
Marites heeded my request and brought by a proposed budget for the Contest, as did Angelo. Ken and I added our own suggestion to the "wish list", as did the other planning team members.
And then in walked Missy and Bev! MISSY! It's *GREAT* to have you back!

And speaking of being back, I was THRILLED to see Brad back. I'm sorry I didn't get to share any chicken nuggets with him but, then, I didn't get any this time and he didn't stick around long enough to get hungry. LOL!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming to the meeting tonight.

Rep. Cinta Kaipat

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