Friday, November 09, 2007

Obyan Revegetation Announcement

What: Obyan Revegetation Project
Where: the old (blocked off) lower parking area upland from the Japanese bunker at Obyan Beach
When: THIS Saturday, November 10th, 8:00 am
Contact: Kathy Yuknavage, 664-8311, or

CRM in partnership with the DLNR, Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA), and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), will be holding a Beautify CNMI! planting event at Obyan beach this Saturday, November 10th. The planting activity will reduce upland erosion at Obyan.

As many beach goers have observed, the coral road leading to Obyan regularly washes out during heavy rains. Stormwater gouges the soil, exposing important archeological artifacts to the elements, and then carries the soil to the shoreline. The soil or “sediment” enters the water reducing visibility for divers, and harms coral by preventing sunlight from nourishing the living organisms within its skeleton. The sediment eventually settles out on the corals’ surface, further stressing the coral reef’s health.

DLNR forestry experts will be teaching volunteers how to use various non-point source (NPS) pollution prevention “Best Management Practices” (BMP) to disperse stormwater run off. The BMPs are part of a comprehensive Conservation Planting Plan for Obyan created by the NRCS. Saturday’s planting event is just the first of many phases contained within the plan. People interested in learning how to implement BMPs, about other phases of the plan, or just wanting to help are invited to join volunteers from MINA, the Boy Scouts of America, and other Beautify CNMI! volunteers this Saturday, 8:00 am, in Obyan’s paved parking area.

Volunteers should bring sturdy work gloves, a hat, and sunscreen. Light refreshments will be provided and a raffle drawing will be held at the end of the event. Two lucky winners will be given (2) water park passes and a buffet lunch at PIC on November 12th, as part of MINA’s fundraising activities. Funds raised through ticket sales will be used to support MINA’s second Teachers’ Environmental Education Camp next summer. If interested, please contact Kathy Yuknavage at for more information.

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