Sunday, December 02, 2007

Marines, Garapan Elementary Students and Others Beautify Garapan Tourist District

We were scheduled to have a session last Friday, so I couldn't join the Beautify CNMI event that the Saipan Chamber of Commerce and Angelo Villagomez set up. They managed to pair 100 visiting marines with students from Garapan Elementary School. Thanks to Principal Boni Gomez for her usual 100% support of Beautify CNMI events!
I checked in on the crew on my way up to the Hill and arrived just in time to see Principal Boni lead her charge to the American Memorial Park parking lot.Here we are prepping the kids before the marines arrived. She said a few words.... . .and then I said a few words......and then I thanked them and wished them a great day and went on to the session. Again, thanks to the Marines, Principal Gomez and the students and faculty of GES who participated in the cleanup, and all the participants for the awesome job they did cleaning up the Garapan Tourist District. Thanks, Angelo, for anchoring the event!

Rep. Cinta Kaipat

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klengpallugna said...

hello... good day....
can anyone give me a contact to Miss Ladyvir Dela Cruz-Canape please..
I am her friend from Philippines .. I worked at Saipan Chamber of Commerce before...
I hope somebody could give me her number... and e-mail to me at

..thanks alot!