Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Korean Restaurant Rescue - WOW is she Lucky!

Are you a responsible home looking for a new addition to the family? Well, meet our friend here, Lucky (as we here at PAWS like to call her).

In Mid-December, a woman reported seeing a Korean restaurant owner pay $20.00 for a dog. She said she witnessed this man purchase numerous dogs in the same manner. She also reported having heard dog cries from the restaurant, where she believed the dogs were being killed for their meat.

Disturbed by what the woman was saying, a man heroically entered the restaurant and marched straight back to the kitchen, where he found Lucky tied to a kitchen table, cowering over a drain in the floor.

The rescuer called DPS, but DPS said there was nothing they could do. The rescuer then called DPH, who came out to the scene, confiscated some chopped up bones, and took the dog. The dog was then transported to Paradise Island Animal Hospital, where she remains today - waiting for someone to foster her or permanently adopt her.

Over the last few weeks, PIAH has worked with this dog to socialize her with other animals and humans. Yesterday, January 15th, Lucky was spayed. She has received all of her shots and is ready to be adopted by a responsible and loving home.

If you have room in your heart for Lucky, please contact Paradise Island Animal Hospital at 234-9669. Alternatively, you may contact Katie at 286-0970 or

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