Friday, January 04, 2008

Leaving Island-Last Clean Up and Party!!!

The Reynolds Family is leaving January 16th to go back to Washington State.

They are hosting a cleanup at the Lighthouse and going away bbq after on January 13th. We'll start cleaning up around 3 p.m. and will watch the sunset from one of the most spectacular locations on island. We'll need chairs, tables, coolers, food to share, a grill to cook on, candles, and flashlights.

Email Bree at if you can bring chairs, a couple of tables, a cooler, or a grill.


Anonymous said...

best wishes..........this website makes my day because you are doing something about the earth unlike the saipans news so depressing.

Angelo Villagomez said...

You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Pohnpei