Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sugar Dock Group

Sugar Dock Group Cleanup Leaders: (left to right) Joe Cabrera, Ben Barcinas and Max Aguon at Sugar Dock before a cleanup.

Last week a number of the Sugar Dock Group members cleaned the entire area from Sugar Dock to Aquarius Beach Tower Hotel. According to Aquarius Beach Tower Hotel manager, Will Hunter, it looked fantastic after they were done.

According to Hunter, Max Aguon is out on the beach almost daily cleaning the area. Hunter provides them with bags and drinks.

This is a great example of businesses and the community working together. I hope to see more of this in the coming months.


CNMI Blogger said...

Un Dangkulu Na Si Yu'us Ma'ase, Sugar Dock Group! WELCOME to the Beautify CNMI family!

Thank you also, Will Hunter, for being your usual GREAT self! You are an invaluable partner of Beautify CNMI!

Tamara said...

I was at Aquarius Beach last weekend and It was GORGEOUS! The entire beach was super clean. The water was amazing. The surfers were out and all was beautiful!

Thank you sugar dock group and Will! You guys totally rock!!