Monday, February 04, 2008

'Pass anti-animal cruelty law'

The following letter was hand-delivered to the Legislature and is available at
Come on! If a 6th grader can do it, so can you!!
To Senate President Pete Reyes:

My name is Aprilleen Sablan. I am in 6th grade. I attend school at William S. Reyes. My homeroom teacher is Ms. Phyllis Ain. I am writing to you because I think the CNMI Legislature should pass the Anti- Animal Cruelty Law because the people of the CNMI aren't treating animals the way they should be treated. Most of the villages I go to, I see abandoned animals, animals with diseases and that isn't right. This law will prevent animals from being neglected, abandoned, and injured.

A few nights ago you said that you weren't going to pass the law because the CNMI has a budget. It doesn't really matter if the CNMI has a budget or not. The law wouldn't need that much money. If you pass this law the CNMI would be a better place. There wouldn't be any neglected or injured animals. The CNMI would be an even more beautiful place. Now the CNMI isn't that beautiful because there are animals going around with diseases and animals that are injured, and that might scare away the tourists. The CNMI Legislature wants more tourists to come to the islands, right? So I think the Legislature should pass the Law. I hope you and the rest of the representatives pass this law. Thank you for your time.

Aprilleen Sablan
William S. Reyes Elementary School

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