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Thursday March 13, 2008

Volunteers clean up Sugar Dock, Aquarius Beach
By Emmanuel T. Erediano
Variety News Staff
FIVE individuals volunteered to “transform” the stretch of the beach area from Sugar Dock all the way to Aquarius Beach as part of their ongoing cleanup efforts.

Led by Max Aguon, who used to work in a private company, about five to six local residents also put up barriers to prevent people from driving on the beach.

Coastal Resource Management Office Director John Joyner said the area is now totally different from how it looked like two months ago, and the residents who cleaned it up should be commended.

This shows that the spirit of Beautify CNMI! is still alive among members of the community, he added.

The small structure at the end of Sugar Dock which was badly littered before is now clean.

Joyner said volunteers continue to pick any litter they find in the area.

CRMO wants to highlight the activities of volunteers because the agency is also in the business of “catching people for doing right and not only for doing wrong,” he added.

CRMO at the same time will work with the Department of Public Lands, the Marianas Visitors Authority and the Department of Public Works in getting rid of the concrete structure at the end of Sugar Dock, Joyner said.

This structure is being used by children as a “playground” and sometimes a “diving board” even tough it poses danger to them, he added.

“We don’t want to see children diving from that structure. People should dive under safe conditions,” he said.

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