Monday, April 28, 2008

Beautify CNMI!'s Blooming Flame Tree

Although the Flame Tree Arts Festival has come and gone, it's a good thing the blooming flame trees are going to last us for several more months. This is the season in the CNMI, and Saipan in particular, when Mother Nature paints our islands a magnificent red and orange as far as the eye could see.

Angelo has a nice post here about the first flame tree that Beautify CNMI ever planted blooming nicely this year. We first observed this proud moment after one of our lighthouse cleanups last year and I blogged about it here. This is what makes getting out of bed early Saturday morning and toiling under the hot sun worth it.

Thanks Beautify CNMI! volunteers for beautifying the CNMI, indeed.

Speaking of beautifying, thanks to Beautify CNMI! coalition partners DEQ and FMI and others for recycling at the Flame Tree Arts Festival. Thanks to Cecilia Celes and the Arts Council for giving us our same good location again this year.

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Dan said...

Sounds like you have some very beautiful trees where you live! I have blogged about a tree called the "Flame tree" but I think it must be a different species of tree.