Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DFS is 'Keen on Green'

Duty Free Shoppers has a new environmental campaign called 'Keen on Green.' There was an article about the campaign in today's Saipan Tribune.
By Rianne Pangelinan-Brown

The Duty Free Shoppers Galleria on Saipan is joining its DFS partners worldwide in becoming “Keen on Green” for as long as the place is in business.

DFS Saipan president Marian Aldan-Pierce said the company has the first-ever companywide forum in which all employees were encouraged to participate in the company's effort to ensure that they are living “green.”

Aldan-Pierce said the company has also formed a committee that meets via teleconference once a month to discuss progress on each division's “Keen on Green” initiatives.

Aldan-Pierce explained that each division submitted a matrix on what type of recycling program is being done locally and what their plans are for future projects.

“Ongoing programs may include simple and easy to do things like recycling paper by printing on both sides, recycling cans, newspapers, pallets, furniture, etc.; reducing energy consumption by turning off lights when leaving offices or building; encouraging employees to bring or use ceramic cups for drinks to reduce or eliminate usage of paper and styrofoam cups; participating in community cleanups; and lots more,” Aldan-Pierce said.

She said that DFS Saipan has a huge display of 100 ways to reduce one's carbon footprint and that each employee wrote his or her commitment on their own footprint.

In observance of yesterday's Earth Day, 30 employees of DFS Saipan picked up trash from Smiling Cove down to the seaport following the pathway on both sides of the road.

At the DFS corporate level, an Environment Strategic Task Force was formed to focus on reducing the use of energy at DFS worldwide.
I have some pictures from their cleanup yesterday morning. I'll post them...soon.

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