Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2nd Annual PAWS-Beautify CNMI Boonie Dog Show!


The much anticipated, twice postponed, PAWS and Beautify CNMI! annual dog show is scheduled for June 7, 2008 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the CPA Airport Field. The exact location of the show will be at the southern end of the field underneath the Flame Trees.

The dog show was originally scheduled for May 17, 2008, but was postponed when PAWS President Katie Busenkell was invited to attend the United States Humane Society’s Animal Care Expo, a convention on animal care and welfare. “It was an opportunity for networking that we could not pass up,” said Busenkell.

Everyone is invited to attend and participate in the dog show, which is a free event. It is a fun activity for the entire family, including boonie dogs. All dogs entered in the show, or present at the show, must wear a collar and have a leash.

“If your dog has mange, a condition that causes the dog to loose hair, we ask that you not enroll your pet in the show,” said PAWS Vice President Melissa Simms. “Instead, we urge you to take your pet to a veterinarian for treatment.”

For those dogs that are able to attend the show, owners may enter their dog(s) to win prizes in the following categories: (1) The Fattest; (2) The Most Disobedient; (3) The Best Belly Dragger (for smaller breeds); (4) The Best Geriatric (for those older dogs); (5) The Most Like a Movie Star; and (6) The Booniest. A prize will also be awarded to the dog that wins the title, “The Best of the Worst,” otherwise known as the best of show.

Prizes include Frontline for fleas and ticks, flea and tick shampoo and dip, dog toys, dog food, and a dog bed, just to name a few of the items that have been generously donated by Costco and/or purchased with funds donated by Beautify CNMI!, Angil Designs, Inc., and the PEW Charitable Trust. “And, if you have a cat, or many, you are invited to enter our $1.00 raffle for cat-care items,” said Simms.

Registration is free and pre-registration is strongly encouraged due to an expected high turnout. When asked if she was excited about the dog show, Bernie Dela Cruz said, “Yes! Because I love dogs. I love animals.”

Forms can be downloaded at and emailed to Katie at If you have questions about the dog show, call the PAWS PTI hotline for more information at 285-PAWS.

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