Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kramis Eco-Exercise

It's never too late to say Thank you, so Thank You, Ron & Nancy!

Ron Kramis at Wing Beach

Hi Gus and Cinta:

I'm sending a picture from our Sunday, February 24th Wing Beach excursion as you requested. Most of the obvious litter was around the parking area and the picnic areas nearby, but the rest of the beach looked very good in general. It was clear that people have been taking very good care of Wing Beach.

We covered a great length of the beach and into the picnic and shaded areas adjacent to most of the beach so obviously we got a lot of old stuff along with some new. Personally I left a small bit of stuff that was being guarded by those large spiders I don't like. After two hours of hiking we only got about two large garbage bags full. Very nice to have the garbage container there.

We highly recommend this as a nice early morning weekend activity for folks------eco-exercise. Who knows where we'll strike next weekend! :)

See you soon,


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