Friday, July 03, 2009

A Call for Volunteers

Hafa Adai,

There are two volunteer events this weekend. The monthly cleanup of Garapan is on Sunday. Meet at the American Memorial Park parking lot at 8 AM.

We are also going to do a cleanup after the parade tomorrow. For the last three years I've been disgusted with the amount of garbage left on the streets for days afterwards, so this time Beautify CNMI has signed up to be the last group in the parade. We'll bring our pickup trucks and trailers and collect people's trash along the route.


If you would like to volunteer, just show up at National Office Supply tomorrow at 2 PM. I'll have a t-shirt for you. I'll have all the supplies you'll need. You just have to follow along with us at the end of the parade.

If you would like to donate your truck (with a driver) please give me a call at 285-6462.

I hope to see you this weekend. Have a safe one.



From the Saipan Tribune:
Beautify CNMI to clean up after parade

Beautify CNMI coalition partners announced yesterday that they will provide cleanup services on the tail of the Liberation Day parade.

"We’ve wanted to do something on July 4 for several years now but it wasn’t until this year that we had a way to volunteer," said Beautify CNMI coordinator Angelo Villagomez.

Beautify CNMI solid waste committee chair Joe Kaipat proposed the cleanup at the coalition’s monthly meeting yesterday.

"The coalition partners were immediately excited about the idea and set about organizing the event," said Villagomez.

He said Beautify CNMI expects about 30 volunteers but are open to having more people join them.

"Anyone who volunteers to help will be given the new edition Beautify CNMI t-shirts," Villagomez said.

The t-shirts are green and blue and designed by Dexter Mendiola, creator of the Fotten Gaga shirts.

Volunteers will also be provided with water, garbage bags, and gloves.

The group will march at the end of the parade with trash trailers and pickup trucks. They will collect trash and ask parade attendees to pitch their garbage into the trailers.

"I hope we can do this every year," Kaipat said at the meeting.

This will be the first time that the coalition has participated in the parade since providing recycling services in 2006.

More information on Beautify CNMI can be found at

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