Saturday, August 08, 2009

Approved July Minutes

Beautify CNMI July 2009 Meeting
DEQ Conference Room
Thursday, July 2, 2009
3:30 PM

I. Attendees – Angelo Villagomez, Kathleen Hermann, Joe Kaipat, Ken Kramer, Sharisse Rivera, Aya Matsumoto, Laurie Peterka, Sonia Silva
II. Adoption of Agenda
III. Assignment of Secretary – Angelo Villagomez appointed group Secretary
IV. Committee Reports
a. Restoration
i. Historical areas – nothing to report
ii. Reveg (Kathleen Hermann) – Laolao planting day planned for August 16 at 8:00 AM. NRCS, Forestry, CRMO, DEQ, and Beautify CNMI met to plan the event
1. Forestry is growing 400-500 plants
2. DEQ is purchasing 100 t-shirts and flyers
3. CRMO and Angelo are going to look for money to pay for food
4. Sharisse is going to write a press release, look for volunteers at NMC. Angelo will also help recruit volunteers
5. Angelo made a site visit, will forward results to partners. Planting coconuts at the site was brought up. It was suggested that people bring coconuts to the event.
6. An illegal road has been plowed into the reveg site.
7. Angelo asked about the $3 million grant for laolao reveg. Kathleen said that $2.5 million will pave road. $0.5 million will go to reveg, marine monitoring, signage, local coordinator & staff.
8. Restoration committee will have a meeting at the beginning of August to finalize the event.
b. Junk Cars – nothing to report
c. Solid Waste (Joe Kaipat) – Grant to MINA to support marine debris is on hold until stimulus money arrives
i. Grant will put garbage bins on beaches.
ii. Looking for community support. Planning community meetings. Going to ask people to pay for bins at beaches, perhaps in villages.
iii. Ken asked about the coral reef video made by DEQ. Asked about running it on TV.
iv. Weekly cleanups with FMI. 360 lbs last week.
v. PDM Promoters has a cleanup this weekend.
vi. Joe suggested Beautify CNMI cleanup at the end of the parade in t-shirts. The group liked this idea.
vii. Meeting with Parade group today. Angelo will promote the event if we get permission.
viii. Garbage bags and gloves are available for cleanups at DEQ.
d. Parks & Trails – Dan Lamar submitted written report. Available on Beautify CNMI blog at:
e. Graffiti (Laurie Peterka) – Tyler and Laurie met before he went on vacation. Drafting an email to recruit volunteers. Email explains concept of committee. Gives background on why we are pursuing this and some background. Have been researching projects from other communities. ISKI, Rotary, MVA, MTEC, Mywave, local schools, PDO, AGO have been talked to. Going to talk to Legislature, and Crimestoppers.
i. Angelo suggested talking to LEEP, JPO, Crime Prevention DPS.
V. Miscellaneous
a. Bridge Capital Donation – Bridge Capital donated $2000 to Beautify CNMI. The funds are in the PAWS bank account. Angelo will purchase supplies and PAWS will refund him.
b. PAWS WARS – A very successful event was held.
c. PIC Fundraiser – August 29, 80’s theme, all proceeds to benefit PAWS and Beautify CNMI. $25 per person.
d. Champion & Steward Awards – Handed out
e. Bumper Stickers – Angelo has had a few requests for bumper stickers.
i. The group is going to have a slogan/bumper sticker contest to end the first week of September. Angelo will coordinate this.
VI. Other Business
VII. Adjournment


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