Monday, September 21, 2009

Draft Subcommittee Meeting Minutes for Sept 21st

Beautify CNMI Subcommittee Meeting

Monday, September 21, 2009 - 5:30pm

Whispering Palm School, Navy Hill

“Operation Paint Over --- What do we want to do about/with graffiti in our community?”

Present: Laurie Peterka, Tyler Yoshimoto, Angelo Villagomez, Thelma Cabrera, John Fury, Ichiro Shirata, John Fury


1. Sign in and introductions
a. John Fury
b. Thelma Cabrera
2. Minutes and Agenda
a. Review/adopt meeting minutes from prior meeting (see attached; a limited number of paper copies will be available at meeting).
i. Tyler motioned to adopt minutes
ii. Angelo seconded
iii. No changes
b. Review/adopt this meeting’s agenda
i. Victor motioned to adopt agenda
ii. Angelo seconded
iii. No changes
3. Welcome any new ideas and/or new participants
a. Victor on Zoning board focus changes
i. Public nuisances – new focus on enforcement
ii. Laurie recommended that the issue be presented to BCNMI main committee
iii. Angelo noted that there has been no support at all regarding on enforcement
1. BCNMI is focused on education & outreach
2. Community can only go so far
b. Debra Inos – Division of Youth Services
i. Introduction 9/15; email follow up 9/20; phone conversation 9/21
ii. Very interested in seeing how she can cooperate with youth programs
iii. Will discuss being a government stakeholder
iv. Referred to monthly main BCNMI meeting
c. John Fury
i. Textbook on ecology – last chapter on Beautify CNMI
ii. Plans to look for funds to create ancillary materials to supplement each chapter for the textbook for teachers to use in the classroom
iii. Everyone threw out ideas
iv. Referred to monthly main BCNMI meeting
4. Emails to share (if any)
a. Bridge Capital has funds available
i. Need letter to request donation to ISK8 co-signed by BCNMI
ii. ACTION ITEM: Laurie to follow up
iii. Victor suggested using Bridge donation to fund a context for bus-shelter graphics
1. Students would do the painting
2. Different theme every year
b. Photo-journal email sent – see below
5. Progress reports on
a. ISK8 Graffiti Cleanup, Sept 12th - report by Laurie for Dan Westphal
i. Articles in both newspapers
ii. 50+ volunteers
b. Stakeholder list
i. Laurie’s organized a list
ii. Additional invites – everyone invite one more person
iii. Hit PSS “principals” meeting – ACTION ITEM: remind Thelma
iv. Bring in Hardware Store managers – ACTION ITEM: Need to assign
1. they can match colors for painting
2. get them to create a store policy to “sign for paint” purchases – no matter what your age
c. Photo journal project
i. Resend email larger number of people
ii. Move due date to Oct 12th
iii. ACTION ITEM: Laurie & Tyler to work on this
d. Zoning
i. Village meeting comments on graffiti – mtgs on hold until further notice
ii. “Green” walls
1. Consider as alternative to painting
2. Energy efficient
6. Consider next steps:
a. NMC - Current Issues January 2010 – ACTION ITEM: Laurie email McPhetres
b. HANMI survey – ACTION ITEM: Laurie & Shirata before next HAMNI mtg on 9/27
c. Anonymous Donor Suggested Project – table to next meeting
d. Project leaders
i. Tyler – Photojournal
ii. Ishiro – HANMI survey
iii. Thelma – PSS communications
iv. Victor – Zoning
v. John Fury – work with Judges, video projects, art council
e. Timelines, Goals, Meetings
i. Continue collecting data, people through October
ii. Use November meetings to develop goals, measurable targets, and budget for 2010
iii. Take December off
iv. Restart January 2nd 2010
7. Confirm next meeting date/time/location - Monday, Oct 5th, 5:30p, Whispering Palms School at Navy Hill

The principle concept of this committee is to follow the Beautify CNMI established style of getting things done. We build a coalition, share resources where we can and support individual(s) and/or group(s) that have an action plan.

Note: Current organizational partners already committed include Rotary Club of Saipan and Island SK8 Society.

Beautify CNMI announces slogan and bumper sticker contest

Beautify CNMI is looking for a new slogan following the successful “What we do on the land can affect our marine environment” campaign started in 2006.

In order to find a new slogan, Beautify CNMI is looking to the community for help.

Artists are being asked to come up with a slogan and to design a bumper sticker that goes along with their slogan. The winner will receive $150 cash and fifty of their winning bumper stickers to give out to friends and family.

The contest is open to all residents of all ages of the Commonwealth. Guidelines for the slogan contest are:

• must be original
• must be relevant to the actions and mission of Beautify CNMI.
• The bumper sticker can be square or horizontally rectangular.
• Artists and participants can submit more than one design and more than one artist can work together on a single submission.
• Designs may be by free-hand sketch, drawing or computer generated, but must be in electronic format to be considered.
• Entries must be submitted by noon on October 24, 2009 and must include the artist's full name, mailing address, telephone number and email address if available.

A brief statement explaining the design and slogan may accompany entries.

All entries will become the property of Beautify CNMI and can be used freely by Beautify CNMI and must be received on or before Thursday, October 24, 2009 at noon. Entries are to be submitted via email to

Beautify CNMI reserves the right to modify the winning logo at any time but when possible, Beautify CNMI will work with the original artists to make these changes.

Beautify CNMI reserves the right to correct any information that appears in this contest in error and is not responsible for omissions.

For inquiries contact Angelo Villagomez at 670 285 6462

First Photos of International Coastal Cleanup

Since the Commonwealth lies 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, our day starts hours before your does. That means that the 600 or so volunteers participating in this year's International Coastal Cleanup on the islands of Saipan and Tinian were some of the first participants on the planet. Go us!

Saipan and Tinian had 19 adopted sites this year, our first year participating in this annual international event. We organized our cleanups the same way we organized last April's Island Wide Cleanup. Groups adopted a spot, recruited their own volunteers and set their own time, and the Beautify CNMI coalition supported them with free supplies and help hauling the garbage away.

As the Director of Community Service for the Rotary Club of Saipan I adopted and organized a cleanup of Tank Beach in Kagman. Tank Beach is a north facing beach and on Saipan that means that trash from the ocean washes up on it constantly; We mostly found rope, discarded fishing gear, small bits of plastic, and hundreds of water bottles. Unlike the beaches on the western shore of Saipan, we weren't finding plates, plastic forks, or dumped household garbage.

We spent about two hours scouring the beach for bits of plastic. When we were done we had amassed quite the pile of trash. I'm always amazed at how much trash you get from a seemingly clean beach when you pick it all up and put it in one place.

We'll know by Monday what the combined efforts of all 600 people are. Many hands make light work and with over 600 volunteers I expect that the amount of trash we picked off our beaches this morning to be in the thousands of pounds.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's event with special thanks going to Bridge Capital for funding our cleanup supplies and the Division of Environmental Quality for being the central organizers.

I have posted more photos on the Beautify CNMI Facebook Fan Page and other volunteers have posted photos on their profiles from cleanups at Jeffries Beach, Paupau Beach, and on Tinian.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

International Coastal Cleanup Day

562 volunteers and climbing!!!
18 sites adopted
20 groups participating

International Coastal Cleanup Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2009. Several beaches on Saipan, Tinian and Rota have been adopted by government offices, businesses and community groups. Cleanups begin at 8:00 unless otherwise noted.


Unai Dankalo
Tinian Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Phillip Mendiola-Long, 989-4711
Volunteers Expected: 30
8:00 AM


Cow Town Beach
Professional Water Tech
Contact: Cecilio Silver Raikiulipiy, 288-0471
Volunteers Expected: 5
7:00 AM

Paupau Beach
Palms Resort Saipan
Contact: Ray C. Delacruz, 322-3311
Volunteers Expected: 15
7:30 AM

Paupau Beach
DFS Galleria
Contact: Marian Aldan-Pierce, 483-2505
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

Paupau Beach
CNMI WIC Program
Contact: Bobbie Pangelinan, 664-4067
Volunteers Expected: 15
9:00 AM

Tanapag Beach
Contact: Joe Kaipat, 664-8509
Volunteers Expected: 40
8:00 AM

Wing Beach
Contact: Sam Sablan, 233-7333
Volunteers Expected: 50
8:00 AM


Tank Beach
Rotary Club of Saipan
Contact: Angelo Villagomez, 285-6462
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

Marine Beach
Kagman High School Biology Club
Contact: Cristal Santos
Volunteers Expected: 30
8:00 AM

Old Man by the Sea
The Canucks
Contact: Jamie Beavis, 322-2337
Volunteers Expected: 15
9:00 AM

Jeffries Beach
Contact: Brooke Nevitt, 664-8320
Volunteers Expected: 10
8:00 AM

South Laolao Beach
(meeting near the yellow pavilion near the road)
Friends of the Mariana Islands
Contact: Marites Castillo, 285-8980
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

North Laolao Beach
(meeting at the divesite)
Saipan Laolao Bay Golf and Resort
Contact: Tony I. Dl Guerrero, 236-8888
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM


Beach Road
(TSL Plaza to Carolinian Village)
Tan Holdings
Contact: Ed Arriola, Jr, 233-8080
Volunteers Expected: 100
9:00 AM

Garapan Fishing Base
Committee to Elect Juan Pan & Joe Camacho
Contact: Jolene Torres, 483-1728
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

Beach Road - Makaka Beach
(Fiesta Resort to Hafa Adai Hotel)
Paseo de Marianas Promoters
Contact: Sonia Siwa, 234-6900
Volunteers Expected: 12
8:00 AM

Micro Beach
(Hyatt Regency Saipan to Smiling Cove)
Hyatt Regency Saipan and WDI Saipan, Inc
Contact: Lin Seman, 323-5867
Volunteers Expected: 70
7:00 AM

Kilili Beach
Mount Carmel School
Contact: Maria Balajadia, 285-9375
Volunteers Expected: 30
8:00 AM

Susupe Beach
CTSI Logistics
Contact: Argie Buensalido, 322-1690
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

Cleanup supplies will be available at DEQ the week before the event and DEQ staff will transfer and dispose of all garbage.

For more information contact Angelo Villagomez at 670 285 6462 or Lisa Eller at DEQ at 670 664 8500.

Weekly Email Update: September 16

Hafa Adai,

I hope every stayed safe and dry over the typhoon-induced long weekend. My neighborhood lost a pair of Flame Trees, but other than that Choi Wan just brought a lot of rain.

Beautify CNMI gets back to work this weekend with the International Coastal Cleanup being led by Division of Environmental Quality and 13 other volunteer groups that have adopted a beach for cleanup this Saturday morning. We also have support from IT&E which is providing t-shirts for volunteers and Bridge Capital, which provided garbage bags and gloves for six months back in June.

So far there are over 420 participants signed up and it is not too late for you to join. You can show up at one of the other scheduled cleanups or you can adopt your own beach. There are still plenty of beaches available (

If you would like to RSVP on Facebook, here is the link:

A list of all participants can be found here:



Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautify CNMI Subcommittee Meeting POSTPONED


Be storm smart and stay safe!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekly Email Update: September 10

Hafa Adai,

A few events of note:

(1) Posted below is a list of beaches up for adoption for the International Coastal Cleanup Day next Saturday, September 19, 2009. Beaches that are crossed out have been adopted by a group. That does not mean that you can't help out with that beach! Many hands make light work. I've adopted Tank Beach along with the rest of the Rotary Club. I'd love to have you help us out. However, we are trying to cover as many beaches as possible so we are asking volunteers to help us adopt the other beaches, too.

As you can see from the number of crossed out names, we are set to have another very successful event. Garbage bags and gloves will be available at the DEQ office next week. There number is 664 8500. Ask for Joe or Lisa.

DEQ staff will properly dispose of all trash collected. Setting a place and time for them to come pick it up is part of the sign up sheet.

If you would like to RSVP on Facebook, here is the link:

(2) The ISK8 Club is hosting a graffiti cleanup of their skatepark this Saturday September 12. from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. The contact on that is Laurie Peterka at 483 7499. Again, to RSVP on Facebook:

(3) The meeting minutes from last week's meeting are posted online:

Thanks and have a great weekend,


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lisa Huynh Eller
Date: Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 7:47 AM
Subject: available cleanup sites
To: Olivia Tebuteb ,, Fran Castro , "Joe M. Kaipat" , Angelo Villagomez

Hi everyone,

Please forward this list to anyone interested in signing up. The taken sites are crossed out. Everything else is open:


Wing Beach

Forbidden Island Beach

Bird Island Beach

Obyan Beach

Ladder Beach

Tank Beach

Marine Beach

Dandan Pocket Beaches

North Laolao Beach (Dive Site)

South Laolao Beach (Pavilion)

Old Man by the Sea Beach

Jeffries Beach

Agingan Point to PIC

Micro Beach (Hyatt to Smiling Cove)

Tanapag Beach

Makaka Beach (Fiesta Resort to Hafa Adai Hotel)

Coral Ocean Point

Sugar Dock heading South

Lally 4

Sugar Dock heading north to Grand Hotel

Kilili Beach

Quartermaster south to MVA

Quartermaster north to 13 Fishermen

13 Fishermen to Garapan Fishing Base

Garapan Fishing Base

Garapan Fishing Base to Hafa Adai Hotel

Paupau Beach

San Roque Beach

Cow Town Beach


Long Beach


Lisa Huynh Eller

Federal Programs Outreach and Publications Coordinator

CNMI Division of Environmental Quality

Phone: (670) 664-8500

Fax: (670) 664-8540

Angelo O'Connor Villagomez
Beautify CNMI

PMB 360 BOX 10001
Saipan, MP 96950

(670) 285-6462

Get your Donkey shirt today!

Committee to Elect Angelo O'Connor Villagomez

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Graffiti Clean-Up - September 12, 2009 at 4pm

Hafa Adai Beautify CNMI Members and Friends:

Island SK8 Society is organizing a graffiti clean up

WHERE: at the skatepark at Garapan Central Park, Saipan
WHEN: Saturday, September 12th at 4pm

Please join the clean up if you have time!

Special thanks to Jeff Elliott of Seafix for donating the water blaster and Marianas Insurance Association for there donation from last year, which makes it possible for ISK8 to purchase Elephant Snot!

Elephant Snot is applied to the graffiti prior to water blasting, making it easier to remove the graffiti. For more information see

Looking forward, ISK8 will be setting up its quarterly graffiti removal calendar and hopes to be able to include removing graffiti from other locations too, such as the Japanese cultural center installed by the Mayor's office across the street from the skatepark.

If you are interested in volunteering or looking for more information about this event, please contact ISK8 President, Johanna Arellano at

If you are interested in joining the Beautify CNMI graffiti abatement community project, please contact Laurie Peterka or Tyler Yoshimoto The next committee meeting will be held Monday, September 14th, 5:30pm at Whispering Palms School, Navy Hill-Saipan.

=== HOW THE SKATEPARK LOOKS as of 08/14/09 ===

Friday, September 04, 2009

Draft September Meeting Minutes

Beautify CNMI September 2009 Meeting
DEQ Conference Room
Thursday, September 3, 2009
3:30 PM

I. Attendees: Angelo Villagomez, Laurie Peterka, Ian Catlett, Lisa Eller, Tyler Yoshimoto, Harrison Smith, Christina Smith, Tony Reyes, Carter Smith, Joe Kaipat, Sonia Siwa
II. Agenda Adopted
III. August Minutes Adopted
IV. Committee Reports
a. Restoration
i. Laolao Tree Planting – had a very successful event. We had over 100 volunteers and support from CRM, DEQ, Forestry, and others. Very successful event, with over 500 trees planted. Photos are on Facebook.
ii. Flame Trees – boy scouts might be able to help plant them. Laurie recommended putting something out in a community brief to see if any community groups need Flame Trees. Angelo volunteered to write a press release.
1. Angelo said he was waiting for someone to volunteer to plant all the trees – the boyscouts volunteered!
2. Koblerville was identified as a place to plant trees.
3. Boy scout meeting on Wednesday – will get back to me.
4. Tony recommended Uncle Dave help.
5. Laurie recommended we ask Rotary Club to participate
b. Junk Cars – nothing to report
c. Solid Waste
i. International Coastal Cleanup – This is the Ocean Conservancy 24th annual coastal cleanup day. People around the world are going to do cleanups all on the same day. About 10 groups have signed up on Saipan so far and several hundred volunteers. Will pick up their supplies in the week before the cleanup. The transfer station is ready to accept the trash and DEQ has 7 drivers that are going to pick up the trash around the entire island. DPW is going to leave a dumpster at fishing base to make trash hauling easier.
1. DEQ is printing 100/200 shirts
2. ITE is donating $500 for shirts.
3. Angelo asked about buying an ad in the paper. Laurie recommended we get a quote before we make the decision.
4. Laurie asked if Ocean Conservancy has any incentives for participating in the cleanup
5. First time for Tinian and Saipan. Bill Pendergrass is doing it on Rota. He is collected all the data and sending to the Ocean Conservancy.
6. Waiting on Tinian and Rota to organize a cleanup there.
7. Janet King said she was interested in participating. Laurie recommended we contact Deb Fleming.
ii. Tony Reyes recommended we put in some NO LITTERING signs. He’s worried that we leave a bad impression for tourists.
d. Parks & Trails – nothing to report
e. Graffiti
i. Graffiti has had two community meetings since the August meeting. Contact Laurie Peterka or visit the Beautify CNMI website for the minutes. The committee is meeting every two weeks. The next meeting is on the 14th of September at Whispering Palms School on Navy Hill at 5:30 PM.
ii. Going to make a photojournal of graffiti on the island
iii. Laurie is creating a list of stakeholders to participate and give feedback
iv. Zoning Board asked committee to participate in community meetings. Had a meeting in Kagman and Beach Rd
1. Kagman didn’t feel like there was a big problem with graffiti
2. The beach road side felt that there were a lot of problems. Biggest concern was how it looks for tourists.
v. Frank Camacho came to the last meeting and wants to be liason in the Dandan area because it ties into the work he’s doing with the neighborhood watch. Eric Atalig is the village captain for Susupe and is being invited to the next meeting.
vi. HANMI is being invited to participate. Working with Catherine Anderson to do a survey of the hotels to see what their concerns are and how they can participate
vii. Looking for Crime Stoppers to participate. Might be able to be a part of their commercials in the fall.
viii. John Gonzales invited committee to be on his show, wants to discuss a format.
ix. Tony Reyes recommended that we ask the paint companies for donations.
x. Laurie shared an idea where we would provide volunteers if businesses would provide supplies.
xi. Public defenders office is going to look into having painting be a form of community service.
xii. Angelo gave tshirts to Tyler. He will use them as an incentive for people to participate in the photojournal.
V. Miscellaneous
a. Bumper Stickers – Angelo will put together a press release after the Coastal Cleanup. $150 in prize money.
i. Christina recommended working in a radio promotion with the bumper stickers.
b. PIC Fundraiser – PIC donated $2500. Final number has not been confirmed yet. Photos from the event are on Facebook.
c. ITE donation – making us shirts for the coastal cleanup
VI. Other Business
a. Tony Reyes is disappointed that the wires at Susupe Beach were stolen.
VII. Adjournment