Wednesday, September 16, 2009

International Coastal Cleanup Day

562 volunteers and climbing!!!
18 sites adopted
20 groups participating

International Coastal Cleanup Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2009. Several beaches on Saipan, Tinian and Rota have been adopted by government offices, businesses and community groups. Cleanups begin at 8:00 unless otherwise noted.


Unai Dankalo
Tinian Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Phillip Mendiola-Long, 989-4711
Volunteers Expected: 30
8:00 AM


Cow Town Beach
Professional Water Tech
Contact: Cecilio Silver Raikiulipiy, 288-0471
Volunteers Expected: 5
7:00 AM

Paupau Beach
Palms Resort Saipan
Contact: Ray C. Delacruz, 322-3311
Volunteers Expected: 15
7:30 AM

Paupau Beach
DFS Galleria
Contact: Marian Aldan-Pierce, 483-2505
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

Paupau Beach
CNMI WIC Program
Contact: Bobbie Pangelinan, 664-4067
Volunteers Expected: 15
9:00 AM

Tanapag Beach
Contact: Joe Kaipat, 664-8509
Volunteers Expected: 40
8:00 AM

Wing Beach
Contact: Sam Sablan, 233-7333
Volunteers Expected: 50
8:00 AM


Tank Beach
Rotary Club of Saipan
Contact: Angelo Villagomez, 285-6462
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

Marine Beach
Kagman High School Biology Club
Contact: Cristal Santos
Volunteers Expected: 30
8:00 AM

Old Man by the Sea
The Canucks
Contact: Jamie Beavis, 322-2337
Volunteers Expected: 15
9:00 AM

Jeffries Beach
Contact: Brooke Nevitt, 664-8320
Volunteers Expected: 10
8:00 AM

South Laolao Beach
(meeting near the yellow pavilion near the road)
Friends of the Mariana Islands
Contact: Marites Castillo, 285-8980
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

North Laolao Beach
(meeting at the divesite)
Saipan Laolao Bay Golf and Resort
Contact: Tony I. Dl Guerrero, 236-8888
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM


Beach Road
(TSL Plaza to Carolinian Village)
Tan Holdings
Contact: Ed Arriola, Jr, 233-8080
Volunteers Expected: 100
9:00 AM

Garapan Fishing Base
Committee to Elect Juan Pan & Joe Camacho
Contact: Jolene Torres, 483-1728
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

Beach Road - Makaka Beach
(Fiesta Resort to Hafa Adai Hotel)
Paseo de Marianas Promoters
Contact: Sonia Siwa, 234-6900
Volunteers Expected: 12
8:00 AM

Micro Beach
(Hyatt Regency Saipan to Smiling Cove)
Hyatt Regency Saipan and WDI Saipan, Inc
Contact: Lin Seman, 323-5867
Volunteers Expected: 70
7:00 AM

Kilili Beach
Mount Carmel School
Contact: Maria Balajadia, 285-9375
Volunteers Expected: 30
8:00 AM

Susupe Beach
CTSI Logistics
Contact: Argie Buensalido, 322-1690
Volunteers Expected: 20
8:00 AM

Cleanup supplies will be available at DEQ the week before the event and DEQ staff will transfer and dispose of all garbage.

For more information contact Angelo Villagomez at 670 285 6462 or Lisa Eller at DEQ at 670 664 8500.

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