Friday, October 16, 2009

Draft Subcommittee Meeting Minutes for Oct 5th

Beautify CNMI Subcommittee Meeting
Monday, October 5, 2009 - 5:30pm
Whispering Palm School, Navy Hill

“Operation Paint Over --- What do we want to do about/with graffiti in our community?”

Present: Laurie Peterka, Tyler Yoshimoto

1. Sign in and introductions
2. Minutes and Agenda
a. Review/adopt meeting minutes from prior meeting (see attached; a limited number of paper copies will be available at meeting).
i. Tyler motioned to accept
ii. Laurie seconded
b. Review/adopt this meeting’s agenda
i. Tyler motioned to accept
ii. Laurie seconded
3. Welcome any new ideas and/or new participants – N/A
4. Emails to share (if any)
a. Anonymous donor suggested project(s)
i. Create a advertising/contest to promote awareness about graffiti
ii. Consider a poster awareness program targeted tourists
iii. Need to brainstorm further and discuss more at next meeting
iv. Probably something to consider after the initial photo journal project is complete
b. Penny Hofschneider - Invite public and private schools to form Beautify CNMI clubs and ask them to adopt a specific area in their vicinity that is often targeted.
c. Jim Arenovski for Crime Stoppers (CS) – will bring back materials from CS regional conference regarding youth and graffiti
d. Frank Camacho – been tied up but will be back for next meeting
e. Frica Pangelinan – will share her materials on the Mural Arts Program- Our City, Our Wall, Our Stories, Voices of Community at our next meeting.
f. Joannie Dubrall – coordinating with NMC students to help with photo journal project.
g. Rose Smith for Ladera Int’l School – will have her students help with photo journaling.
h. Thelma Cabrera – will make a report at next meeting regarding her contact with PSS principals.
5. Progress reports on
a. Photo journal project (Tyler & Laurie)
i. Discussed PPT layout
ii. Need to remind Angelo re project for 10/19 mtg
iii. List for villages is slowly filling in
iv. NMC students will likely join the photo journal project
b. HANMI Survey (Laurie & Shirata) – no progress
c. PSS Communications (Thelma) – tabled to next meeting
6. Consider next steps:
a. Bringing in hardware store managers (Ace Hardware, Guangdong, Do It Best, YCO, Transamerica)
i. Need a project leader
ii. Table to next meeting
iii. Discussed what the buy-in looks like and what the expected results could be if GM’s agree to setting specific policies about the purchase of spray paint (or maybe even regular paint)
iv. Need to see who else sells spray paint (i.e. office supply stores and craft stores)
v. Check the phone book to make sure all stakeholders are identified
b. Project leaders
i. Need hardware store idea leader
ii. Need photo contest/poster advertising project leader
iii. Need business-to-business outreach project (SCC Nov 1 meeting?)
c. Timelines, goals, meetings – keep or modify?
i. Continue collecting data, people through October
ii. Use November meetings to develop goals, measurable targets, and budget for 2010
iii. Take December off
iv. Restart second or third week of January 2010
7. Confirm next meeting date/time/location
a. Monday, Oct 19th, 5:30p, Whispering Palms School at Navy Hill
b. Meeting rescheduled to Monday, Oct 26th, 5:30p, Whispering Palms School at Navy Hill

The principle concept of this committee is to follow the Beautify CNMI established style of getting things done. We build a coalition, share resources where we can and support individual(s) and/or group(s) that have an action plan.

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