Monday, November 16, 2009

Reminder: Graffiti Subcommittee Meeting Tonight

Beautify CNMI Subcommittee Meeting
Monday, Nov 16th, 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Whispering Palms School, Navy Hill

1. Sign in and introductions
2. Minutes and Agenda
a. Review/adopt meeting minutes from prior meeting (see attached; a limited number of paper copies will be available at meeting).
b. Review/adopt this meeting’s agenda
3. Welcome any new ideas and/or new participants
4. Emails to share (if any)
5. Progress reports on
a. Photo journal project (Tyler & Laurie)
b. HANMI Survey (Laurie & Shirata)
c. PSS Communications (Thelma)
6. Consider next steps:
a. Develop goals, measurable targets, and budget for 2010
i. Anonymous donor suggested project
ii. Bringing in hardware store managers
iii. Project leaders
b. Timelines, goals, meetings – keep or modify?
i. Take December off
ii. Restart third week of January 2010
7. Confirm next meeting date/time/location - Monday, Nov 30th, 5:30p, Whispering Palms School at Navy Hill
a. Laurie - Off island travel schedule
b. Meeting leadership

The principle concept of this committee is to follow the Beautify CNMI established style of getting things done. We build a coalition, share resources where we can and support individual(s) and/or group(s) that have an action plan.

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