Sunday, January 31, 2010

Public Calendar Now Under Construction

Do you have regular Beautify CNMI! events that you want the world to know about?!

We want the world to know about it too, which is why we are in the process of adding a public calendar to our website

Please send your info to us at and we will add your event. This is a free service being created by BeautifyCNMI! coalition partners.

For questions or more information, please contact Laurie Peterka at

Thursday, January 28, 2010

P.A.W.S. Requests Your Help

Your help is needed in distributing REWARD posters around the island.

We are asking all of our members to print at least five (5) copies of the REWARD poster that is available as a download on our website at We are asking that you distribute these fliers in your neighborhood and Garapan, where the violent act took place.

Also, a clarification needs to be made regarding the article which appeared in the Saipan Tribune Wednesday, January 27, 2010, about the PAWS reward for information leading to the apprehension of the individual or individuals responsible for the gruesome beheading of a cat in Garapan on or about January 24, 2010.

Since NMI Crime Stoppers has agreed to assist in obtaining information on this terrible act, PAWS has agreed to step aside until such time an apprehension has been made.

The $400 reward PAWS is offering is on top of any award given anonymously by Crime Stoppers, if a call leads to the identification and arrest of the person or persons who committed this act.

Any and all information regarding this act should directed to NMI Crime Stoppers at 234-7272 or

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can you help?

Beautify CNMI! would like to enhance its web presence.

To do so, we would like to continue to have the option of capitalizing on Google's various free public services, like we do now with the use of the Beautify CNMI blogspot. We would like to have a distinct email address, a public calendar and try on a different home page.

Currently we are unable to do so, because someone has already registered

Can you help us? If you are registered for this email address, we would really appreciate the opportunity to acquire the use for this unique and specific address so that we may proceed with our vision of increasing our web presence.

If you have information that will help, please email to

Thank you kindly for your replies!

Graffiti Subcommittee meets at Minachom Atdoa in Susupe

A few Beautify CNMI-ers got together to discuss 2010 graffiti subcommittee projects!

Graffiti Busters - this is a joint project between Neighborhood Watch, Power99, TenchTech and the Saipan Mayor's Office. There will be a number of fun components with this project! It will be aimed at restoring pride at the village level. To learn how you can get involved, please contact Tina Palacios at or Eric Atalig at

Beautify CNMI! Clubs in Schools - this is a project that will start first with creating graffiti awareness and then hopefully evolve into a full range of projects. If you are interested in being involved with this project, please contact Penny Hofschneider at or Cinta Kaipat at This project needs help putting together its program structure (i.e. school principals asked for some implementation guidelines).

Lighthouse Mural Project - this project is being lead by Rebecca Yost of Whispering Palms School. Becca is currently looking for assistance with clearing weeds, jungle over-growth and debris. For more info or to help her with this project, please email her at

If you have other questions or graffiti related projects that you would like assistance with, please contact Tyler Yoshimoto at

For general inquiries about Beautify CNMI! please contact Cinta Kaipat at or Laurie Peterka at

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beautify CNMI 2010 Contact List

Beautify CNMI is an environmental coalition organized into committees. Each committee has one or more chairpersons who are responsible for setting goals and organizing committee projects.

The committee chairpersons for 2010:

Community Volunteer
Cinta Kaipat

Volunteer PR Coordinator
Laurie Peterka
(670) 483-7499

Solid Waste Committee
Joe Kaipat
(670) 664-8509

Navy Hill Lighthouse Project
Rebecca Yost

Junk Cars
Therese Ogumoro,
(670) 234-9661

Please direct general inquiries to Laurie Peterka.

PIC Donates to PAWS & Beautify CNMI!

Pacific Islands Club Saipan designated PAWS & Beautify CNMI! as the recipients for all proceeds from its 2009 PIC Palooza party. The event raised an amazing $5,000 with $2,500 going to P.A.W.S. and $2,500 going to Beautify CNMI!

Beautify CNMI! receives $2,500 from Vicky Benavente
at the 2010 Kickoff meeting at DEQ conference room, January 22, 2010

The use of these funds will be determined in the next Beautify CNMI! meeting, scheduled for February 11, 2010 at 6pm (location TBA). In the past, donations such as these were used for purchasing trash bags, gloves and water for various clean up activities.


Kickoff Meeting 2010 - Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 22, 2010 – 3PM

I. Sign In – please make sure you get your name on the sign in sheet
1) Introductions – around the table
i. Joe Kaipat – DEQ
ii. Mayor Donald Flores – Mayor’s office
iii. Kimo Rosario – Mayor’s office
iv. Brian – Mayor’s office
v. Vic Pangelinan – Mayor’s office
vi. Teresa Ogomuro – Zoning
vii. Herminia Fusco – Zoning
viii. Sonia Siwa – PDM Promoters
ix. Rebecca Yost – Whispering Palms School
x. Horiguchi – PDM Promoters
xi. Cinta Kaipat – BCNMI
xii. Laurie Peterka – BCNMI, Practical Solutions
xiii. Thelma Cabrera – Self interest, volunteer
xiv. Congressman Eli Cabrera – Precinct 1
xv. Congressman Joe Palacios – Precinct 1
xvi. Vicky Benavente – PIC (donation)
2) Welcoming remarks – Cinta Kaipat
i. Background on how it started
ii. Described some of our events
3) 2010’s First Donation – Vicky Benavente for Pacific Islands Club
i. PIC Palooza fundraiser raised $5,000
ii. $2,500 went to PAWS and $2,500 to Beautify CNMI
4) Committee reports
i. Joe Kaipat – Solid Waste
1. Commented on number of lbs of trash that was collected in 2009
2. Identified a number of groups that contributed
3. Noted that there are problems with identifying the true number of lbs and that the groups are not reporting, so it’s hard to keep track
4. Needs help with moving trash to Lower Base
5. He needs groups to accurately report their data to keep the records for the program goals
6. Estimated 57,580 lbs for 2009

ii. Graffiti Committee – Laurie Peterka
1. Overview of progress in 2009
2. Goals for 2010
3. Lighthouse Mural Project – Rebecca Yost
a. Described groups to be invited
b. DPL has given permission to proceed
c. Needs help with identifying resources
d. Comments
i. Check with HPO
ii. Get art teachers involved
5) Vision statement – Joe Kaipat, 2009 Chairperson
i. Would like to step down as Chairman
ii. Would like to see that politics stays out of BCNMI
iii. Would like to see committees develop and report together for the support of the continuation of BCNMI
6) Open brainstorming
i. There were a couple of people who needed to leave early, so we jumped ahead for a few minutes
ii. Zoning – Junk Cars
1. First steps – seeking expression of interest from recyclers
2. Next steps – still in progress with legal counsel; communicating with DPS
3. What can volunteers do? Identify locations of junk cars
4. PL 6-6: Mayor’s office scrap metal  DPS responsible
5. Saipan Zoning Law: 1209, 1409 identifies “junk”
iii. As we covered a lot of ground in other areas – this discussion is to be continued at next meeting
7) New Committees and Volunteer Assignments
i. Chairperson – Cinta Kaipat
ii. PR Coordinator – Laurie Peterka
iii. Calendar Point Person – TBD at next meeting
iv. Committee Chairs – TBD at next meeting
8) Set day and location for regular monthly meeting
i. 2009 Day: 1st Thursday 3pm/monthly
ii. 2009 Location: DEQ Conference Room
iii. 2010 Day: 2nd Thursday 6pm/monthly
iv. 2010 Location: TBA

II. Our next meeting, in order of priority, will cover:
1) Brainstorming & Identifying Committees
2) Signature events; setting up the events calendar
3) Environmental awards
4) Misc coalition housekeeping items

Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Kick Off Meeting Scheduled

Friday, January 22, 2010, 3pm

at the DEQ Conference Room

We hope that you will find time to join us on Friday afternoon as we kick off 2010 with a brainstorming session.

Our first priority will be to establish (or re-establish) our 2010 committees. Each committee will then be responsible for establishing its projects and goals.

Beautify CNMI consists of a colition of like-minded people interested in coming together to create and work on projects that improve the overall beauty of our home and generally improve our quality and standards of living. There are no specific membership requirements. Committee leaders meet monthly to collaborate and report on project progress.

To join, all you have to do is get involved!

Show up at a meeting or volunteer for a project or start your own project and then look forward to getting support from a wide-range of experienced community members.

Everyone and anyone who has a project idea or existing organization related to the beautification of the CNMI is encouraged to get involved with Beautify CNMI! Any organization looking to establish a partnership with Beautify CNMI is encouraged to bring ideas to Friday's meeting.

For more information on the activities of Beautify CNMI and to volunteer, call DEQ at 664-8500 or contact Laurie Peterka at

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Farewell for Angelo

ANGELO Villagomez (aka KungFu Panda, to some of us) is departing for a while to earn himself a few more smarts, to broaden his experiences even further, and to spend some time closer to immediate family.

Many, many people have been touched in some way or another by Angelo's presence these last four years in Saipan and, to listen to so many people in the community, it is quite obvious that he and his infectious spirit will be missed.

The count down is on and Angelo is making the most of everyday while also packing boxes and selling off his unpackable stuff.

If you have time and if you are interested, please feel free to join in a very informal, no-host send off:

When: Wednesday, January 6th
Time: 7:30p (he will be arriving after the sunset cruise)
Where: Remingtons in Garapan, Saipan

If you know someone who might want to know about this event, please pass this information on!