Thursday, February 04, 2010

Beautify International

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Mom asked me to help out with Catie's girl scout meeting today. She said something like, "We're planting trees and I want you to make sure we're doing it right." I never turn down the opportunity to dig some holes, so I donned my Beautify CNMI 2nd Anniversary shirt and we drove out to Lake Highland Preparatory School.

Catie's girl scout troop is based at her school and the meetings are in her 4th grade classroom. Mom and another parent are the den mothers. They fed the girls apples, cheese, and Oreos and then talked with them about the planting by telling them what plants they would be planting and what benefits they would have to the environment.

Then it was time to march from the classroom down to the lake where we were going to plant our plants.

Each of the girls carried a plant while Mom directed traffic.

The lake is right behind the school and we just had to walk a short way. The lake is fenced off and the girls were very excited to be going "beyond the locked gate."

I was going to make "Beyond the Locked Gate" the title of this post but decided to go with Beautify International to take the focus off the girls and put it back on me. This is my blog, after all.


We dug our nine holes right along the shore of the lake. The soil was very rich and wet, not rocky and hard like on Saipan. Even so, the 60 lbs girls needed some help from the 210 lbs fat boy wearing the blue shirt.

The edge of lake is kind of smelly and some of the girls didn't like it. Some of the girls didn't mind the smell and the mud, while a few others wanted to wash their hands immediately after touching the ground.

When Catie bent over to transfer her plant to the ground she found a worm. Catie doesn't like worms.

I pulled the worm out and showed it to the rest of the girls. I would say they were cautiously interested.

A big thanks to the girl scouts of Lake Highland for letting me participate in their planting and lake cleanup. I enjoyed every moment.

And how about if we finish this post with some birds:

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