Friday, March 12, 2010

Draft Meeting Minutes for March 11, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010 – 5:30PM

Tasi Tours Conference Room

I. Introductions – around the table
II. Adopt agenda and last meeting’s minutes
1) agenda adopted
2) no meeting minutes from last meeting - moved & approved to push adoption of minutes to next meeting: agreed!
III. Special Initiatives
1) Ogumoro-Uludong – SCS: Eco-Karnival
i. Saipan Community School is hosting
ii. Looking for community participation
iii. Mission to educate youth and community
iv. Booths from K-8: games, displays, Govt Agencies are going to be involved
v. Wants to invite Beautify CNMI
1. Thelma will follow up stickers
2. Try to prepare an info sheet that could distributed
2) Lisa Eller – DEQ: Garapan Stormwater Pollution Prevention Project
i. Water gets polluted by various human activities
ii. Goal is to teach community members that pollution is tied with coral reef health and tourism
iii. Businesses cooperate and get certified
1. Free training
2. Low cost remedies
3. Certified sticker for their window
iv. Some simple, affordable, beautifying ideas
1. Rain gardens
2. Rain catchment
3. Closing trash bins
4. Unclogging drain covers
v. Comments
1. Is the CNMI-wide plan being considered in this project?
2. Suggest splitting the businesses into two groups so that those who are already compliant are recognized
3. Others need to be shown how to fix the bigger problems
4. Blue Starfish is looking for business partners to help refine program and implementation
5. How can businesses open without being in compliance?
3) Aric Bickel – DEQ: Earth Hour a World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) project
i. A world-wide endeavor
ii. Everyone around the world turns their lights off for 1-hour as part of global-statement
iii. Mission is to speak out about climate change
iv. Why here?
1. We aren’t guilty of causing or contributing like other countries
2. We are effected by ocean acidification and rising sea levels
v. Brainstormed ideas on how to get the most participation in the CNMI
4) Open Discussion: Public Information Campaign on BCNMI
i. Beautify CNMI! Is a coalition of concerned citizens, private groups, and government entities united to enhance the CNMI’s natural beauty and foster community pride in its residents and visitors.
ii. The principle concept of this committee is to follow the Beautify CNMI established style of getting things done. We build a coalition, share resources where we can and support individual(s) and/or group(s) that have an action plan.
iii. The “Energy Star Program” – it’s a label and anyone can adopt to their own initiative…we are not a formal group, but a coalition of like-minded groups and individuals all contributing to the same focus
iv. Discussion
1. Background
2. Corporate functions are missing
a. Protection from liability
b. Implementation of accountability
3. Make sure that acknowledgment is given to the primary promoter
4. Is it a group or is it a campaign?
5. If it’s a group and should be a campaign there needs to be a transition
6. Cinta and Laurie are now council members for RC&D Marianas and part of the Saipan committee --- perhaps tuck BCNMI back under this non-profit where it was originally born --- it provides structure and allows there to be a group administering a campaign
7. Take discussion to subcommittee and report back to group at next meeting
IV. Committee reports
1) Solid Waste
i. DEQ: Clean Up Brigade 740lbs at CowTown; Kagman Marine Biology Club will clean up Marine Beach this weekend
ii. PDM Promoters: Garapan with Awadori and Tanapag families cleaned up in Garapan area (940lbs collected)
2) Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA) – Marine Debris project update
i. Adopt-A-Bin launching March 27th
ii. Seven most popular beach sites – so far 4 beaches adopted
iii. for more information go to Projects & Goals from the home page to find the Adopt-A-Bin project
iv. Home recycling bins as incentive for volunteers who help spread awareness about bins
v. Tipping fees are waived for sponsor clean-ups
vi. Keep MINA informed of sponsor-organized clean-ups for promo assistance
vii. Tan Holdings adopted and CTSI cleans-up Susupe Park every last Saturday of the month --- maybe they need a bin?
3) Graffiti
i. No new meetings since the last monthly meeting
ii. Graffiti education - concept/vision remains the same
1. Celebrity “Graffiti Busters” (Neighborhood Watch, TrenchTech and Power99)
2. Graffiti Walls and contest (ISK8, Power99)
3. Car Show and ISK8 competition (ISK8, Power99)
4. Mayor’s office supports idea – try to set up judging and completion to coincide with Liberation Festival and Parade
5. Set up corporate relationships for village residences to help eliminate graffiti (Neighborhood Watch)
6. Need help with structuring plan so that it can move forward; we are in danger of losing time to make it all come together
iii. Navy Hill Lighthouse Restoration Project – no report
4) Junk Cars – not present
5) Friends of the Marianas Islands (FMI) – not present
6) New/Other – N/A
V. Coalition Housekeeping
1) Calendar of Events – asked AOV to correct “time zone” so that events will show up correctly on the link
2) Website
i. No further accomplishment to-date
ii. Please submit ideas for content so that we can make sure that its included; i.e. Projects, Key People, Coalition Partners, About Us
iii. Check with Tyler Yoshimoto to get started; Eli Arago also offered to help
3) Identify and plan promotions for Signature Events
i. Ran out of time
ii. Suggested/voted/approved trying to accomplish via email
4) Identify and plan Environmental Champion Awards (should be April)
i. Ran out of time
ii. Suggested/voted/approved trying to accomplish via email
VI. Announcements
1) Rotary Club Las Vegas Night looking for volunteers
2) Other - none
VII. Set day and location for regular monthly meeting
1) 2nd Thursday of the Month:
i. April 15th Confirm or Change to April 8th
ii. Time: 5:30pm
iii. Location: Fiesta Resort & Spa (tentative) --- Lina and Eli will confirm…

THANK YOU TASI TOURS for hosting this month's meeting! We look forward to our corporate partners continuing to help with donating their conference room just one night out of the year to help us keep Beautify CNMI! active.

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Angelo Villagomez said...

The suggestion that CNMI is not a major contributor to Climate Change is false. A letter to the editor is brewing.