Friday, March 26, 2010

Invitations to the Adopt-a-Bin Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

  • MINA invites community members to the Adopt-a-Bin ribbon cutting ceremony this Saturday morning at Obyan Beach, 9:00 am.

    The first recycling and mixed waste bins will be installed to make proper trash disposal more convenient at area beaches, thus reducing the amount of litter left to become marine debris.

    We invite our many partners, members and friends to join in the celebration and recognize our many adopters (in alphabetical order):

    o Brabu Pharmacy and Wellness Center, LLC - 13 Fishermen Monument
    o Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan and the Susupe Hi-5 Basketball team - Kilili Beach
    o CTSI and Tan Holdings - Susupe Beach Park
    o Ericco Enterprises - Laolao Beach
    o Marianas Trekking - Wing Beach
    o Rotary Club of Saipan - Garapan Fishing Basin

    We thank our funders the NOAA Marine Debris Prevention Program for making this program possible.

    Visit MINA on the web at

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