Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MINA public bins unveiled

So far eight organizations and families have adopted bins, pledging to pay for regular waste collection services for one year and to conduct at least two beach clean ups at their site. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan was on hand with his partnering organization, the Susupe Hi-5 basketball team, to receive certificates of appreciation for adopting the bins to be installed at Kilili Beach next week.

MINA’s Chair, Fran Castro said, “Partnerships such as these are the keystone to environmental stewardship. We deeply appreciate the commitment that the Congressman and these organizations and businesses have demonstrated towards protecting our islands’ natural resources”.

Other adopting organizations include: Brabu Pharmacy and Wellness Center – 13 Fishermen Monument; CTSI and Tan Holdings – Susupe Beach Park; Ericco Enterprises – Laolao Beach; Marianas Trekking – Wing Beach; The Rotary Club of Saipan – Garapan Fishing Basin; and the Marianas Visitor Authority (site not yet selected).

“CTSI Logistics-Saipan is among those companies who have continuously upheld rehabilitation projects to protect and preserve the beauty of the island”, said Saipan General Manager, Rene Magalong, who learned about the Adopt-a-Bin program through the Beautify CNMI network. CTSI Logistics-Saipan’s parent company, Tan Holdings, adopted Susupe Beach in 2008. The company encourages their team members to join in cleanups by scheduling regular birthday celebrations at the park each month.

“We were very pleased with the turn out, especially with the 20 cadets from the JROTC camp who took time to collect over 40 lbs of trash and recyclables from Obyan’s shoreline”, said MINA’s project manager. “That’s 40 lbs of trash that would otherwise have becoming marine debris. We welcome others to join in the program; only two sites remain un-adopted.”

Despite many activities to choose from Saturday morning, over 50 individuals from government agencies, public and private organizations and JROTC turned out to celebrate the installation of Mariana Islands Nature Alliance’s (MINA) first recycling and trash bins at the ribbon “untying” ceremony at Obyan Beach. The bins were made possible through a grant from the NOAA Marine Debris Prevention Program to “establish an island culture of recycling”.

If you or your company or organization would like to Adopt-a-Bin, please contact MINA by visiting their website at or emailing Kathy Yuknavage at

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