Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NEWS FLASH! Islandwide Cleanup Now Slated as a 2-Day Event

Let's give a big hand to DEQ's efforts to make this this biggest and best event ever! ...CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CHEER!

DEQ's Islandwide Cleanup slated for April 23rd has been extended!

This event will now include both Friday, April 23rd and Saturday, April 24th in order to accommodate more groups, especially in the private sector.

If you were thinking about signing up, but haven't done so yet, please contact Jonathan Arriola at DEQ 664-8500 or email or take a look below for your area coordinator.

You can download sign up forms here.

Be a part of a phenomenal movement - take pride in our community and join DEQ's Islandwide Cleanup today!

p.s. Last year Beautify CNMI's Islandwide Cleanup consisted of over 4,000 volunteers across more than 40 groups of people...what do you think, can we beat last year's numbers and set a new record?!

Sign Up Instructions:

1. Fill in your contact information.
2. Check the box □ Island-Wide Clean-Up on Friday from 2pm to 4:30pm April 23rd; Open to the community.
3. Contact the area coordinator designated for your area --- scroll down below to see area coordinators and contact info.
4. Fax your completed form to 664-8540 or drop to the DEQ office in Gualo Rai (across from Subway)

When contacting your area coordinator:

1. Identify the area nearest to your agency, building, office space, house, or school that you will be cleaning (or ask to be assigned somewhere).
2. Identify how many volunteers will be in your group.
3. Identify the 2-hour time slot that your planning to gather and clean.
4. Identify who your team captain/point of contact is and provide a phone number.
- Team Capts will interact with DEQ for supplies
- Team Capts will be responsible for organizing a team photo
- Team Capts will be responsible for reporting back to DEQ at the end of the clean up


Kan Pacific Pool - Sadog Tasi Trafic Light(Chalan Pale Arnold)
Michael Kapileo:

Sadog Tasi Trafic Light - Sugar King Park & Hiriguchi Bldg(Chalan Pale Arnold & Beach Road)
Solomon Castro:

Sadog Tasi Trafic Light - Kagman High School (Isa Drive & Kagman Rd)
Jacob Lizama:

Hiriguchi Bldg & Sugar King Park - Micro Toyota & Payless Shoe (Chalan Pale Arnold & Beach Road)
JP Flores:

Micro Toyota - Chalan Pio Trafic Light - Up As Perdido (Beach Road & As Perdido Road)
Larry Sugiyama:

Micro Toyota - Airport-Kiyoshi Rd (Chalan Monsignor Guerrero & Herman Pan Road & Kiyoshi Rd)
Ben Somol:

Chalan Pio Trafic Light - Kobler Mobil - Shell Dandan (Beach Road & Chalan MSGR Martinez)
Chris Tomakane:

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