Friday, May 14, 2010

Draft Meeting Minutes for May 13, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010 – 6:00PM
CIC Conference Room - JP Bldg, Beach Road, Garapan


Sign In – please make sure you get your name on the sign in sheet
I. Introductions – around the table (3-mins)
1) Cinta Kaipat – founder, volunteer
2) Noriko Watanabe – representing Hard Rock Café
3) Marites Castillo – representing FMI
4) Lina Dimaano– representing iServeiGive (Tan Holdings)
5) Steve Woodruff - volunteer
6) Laurie Peterka – volunteer PR Coordinator
7) N. Horiguchi – volunteer
8) Kathy Yuknavage – Marine Debris PM, MINA
II. Adopt agenda and last meeting’s minutes (2-mins)
1) Cinta motioned to adopt agenda – none opposed
2) Kathy motioned to adopt minutes – none opposed
III. Committee reports (20-mins or 2-3 mins each)
1) DEQ – tabled; Joe is off island
2) PDM Promoters – Laurie reported based on website submission
i. May 8th Clean up reported on website
ii. 780 lbs of trash collected
iii. 15 volunteers
3) TSL - iServe-iGive back - Lina
i. In April - 6 groups participated in IWC
ii. Total 235 people
iii. Booth at Environmental Expo – shared what the company is focused on for projects; the 3-Rs for the kids
4) Neighborhood Watch – tabled; Frank/Eric didn’t make it
5) Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA) – Kathy
i. Marine Debris project is moving smoothly
ii. As school comes to a close, things will slow down a little
iii. Kagman high school is looking for a corporate partner to help with marine debris project ….maybe Hard Rock Café?
iv. Additional funding is available to do more bins
1. PauPau
2. Aquarius Beach
3. Chalan Pio (behind CKBC)
4. Marine Beach
5. Schools are a possibility
6. Bins don’t have to be “on the beach” – all of the island qualifies
v. Need to invite Karen Cabrera – or Fran Castro to represent MINA at regular meetings
6) Friends of the Marianas Islands (FMI) - Marites
i. Monthly clean ups at LauLau Beach South to Picnic area
ii. $2,000 Mobil donation for equipment to cut the grass away from the road (5th year)
7) Graffiti – Cinta, Laurie, Marites
i. $2,500 NMC grant is available
ii. Project is ready to go to next steps, but needs a project leader
iii. Cinta/FMI going to take over lead of the committee
8) Junk Cars – Laurie reported update per news
i. Zoning announced last month that it would begin tagging cars
ii. Zoning reported that they will be working with mayor’s office
iii. Cinta mentioned that Zoning would like a BCNMI volunteers to inform them via a survey or report of some kind to help identify junk cars for removal
9) Hard Rock Café is interested in forming a group or finding a way to be involved with some type of environmental projects
IV. Coalition Initiatives (15 mins)
1) Signature Events
i. Laurie suggested that coalition partners share their calendar for the remainder of the year
ii. Laurie observed that several groups all have their cleanup on the first Saturday of the month –
iii. Discussion about possibly encouraging groups to spread out their regularly monthly cleanup plans so that something is going on every weekend
2) Identify a “calendar” person
i. Laurie suggested that each coalition member/partner should make the effort to join the BCNMI calendar and add their events
ii. Laurie suggested that someone could take responsibility for sending out weekly reminders on calendar items with an invitation to the public to join
V. Announcements (2-mins) - none
VI. Next monthly meeting - 2nd Thursday of the Month (2-mins)
1) June 10th - Time: 5:30pm
2) Location: CIC Conference Room (or other if volunteered)
3) Discussion and decision to keep the CIC Conference as the regular meeting place for the remainder of this year
i. Everyone agreed that consistency could help attendance
ii. Lina indicated that keeping the meetings at CIC is acceptable

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